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Meta Accounts Replacing Meta App Family for Metaverse Opens to All Users

In a recent blog post, the company announced the rollout of “Meta accounts” to all users, a feature designed to replace the existing “Sign in with Facebook” option.

Previously, we reported that the “Log in with Facebook” option was being supplanted by “Meta accounts.” Today’s blog post by the company confirms that “Meta accounts” are now accessible to everyone.

This update signifies a shift, as Meta accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles will take over from Facebook and Instagram accounts for logging into the company’s virtual reality system. The global introduction of Meta accounts will be a gradual process, reaching users worldwide.

With this innovation, the company is removing the requirement for new VR and Oculus users to create Instagram and Facebook accounts. However, it’s important to note that existing Instagram and Facebook users can utilize their accounts to set up a Meta account.

The option to sign in with an Oculus account will remain available until January 1, 2023. Even as users transition to Meta accounts and Meta Horizon Profiles, they will retain access to their previous purchases and downloads.

Additionally, there is an option to link your Meta Horizon Profile with Instagram and Facebook. This integration allows users to share their experiences in the Metaverse on these traditional social media platforms.

Meta Accounts Replacing Meta App Family for Metaverse Opens to All Users
Meta Accounts Replacing Meta App Family for Metaverse Opens to All Users

The company’s most significant change is the transformation of friends on Oculus into followers, adopting a model similar to Instagram’s. This suggests that influencer marketing strategies will continue to play a role in the virtual reality space.

Additionally, Meta announced new privacy controls. These include three distinct privacy settings: Public, Friends and Family, and Solo.

Users also have the option to use their Meta Horizon Profile privately. Notably, profiles of users aged 13 to 17 are automatically set to private by default.

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