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Mark Zuckerberg Shares Higher Quality Metaverse Images

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the world’s most renowned social media platform, recently made headlines with a photo he shared, leading to a flurry of reactions online.

Zuckerberg, who has demonstrated immense faith in the Metaverse universe by renaming his holding company to Meta and announcing a focus on this technology, has reportedly invested over $10 billion in developing Horizon Worlds, his new Metaverse-centric universe.

However, a selfie shared by Zuckerberg featuring an Eiffel Tower in the background, a cathedral, and an avatar that scarcely resembled him, sparked widespread ridicule across the internet. The image led to criticism about the substantial investment of $10 billion in the project, considering the depicted visuals.

Mark Zuckerberg shared much higher quality Metaverse images this time

Mark Zuckerberg Shares Higher Quality Metaverse Images
Mark Zuckerberg Shares Higher Quality Metaverse Images

In a subsequent statement issued today, the renowned CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded to the criticism surrounding his previously shared photo.

He acknowledged that the criticism was warranted, explaining that the photo was hastily taken and overly simplistic. To provide a clearer vision of what Horizon Worlds will look like in the future, Zuckerberg shared two additional photos.

Upon examining these new images, it is evident that one focuses on the updated appearance of the avatars, while the other highlights improvements in landscaping.

Compared to the initial photo that was widely mocked, these new images show a noticeable difference in quality and detail.

It’s important to note, however, that these images are not yet indicative of the final graphics. Zuckerberg emphasizes that the graphics of Horizon Worlds are still a work in progress and will undergo further development.

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