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Decentral Games Launches Sit-n-Go Tournaments

Decentral Games recently revealed the launch of a new feature in their play-to-earn ICE Poker game, titled “Sit-n-Go” (SNG) Tournaments.

These tournaments are conducted using players’ ICE wearable devices. Characterized by their fast pace, these single-elimination games offer participants the chance to compete for prizes in SNG, ICE, and xDG tokens.

Decentral Games Announced Its New Version!

Decentral Games Launches Sit-n-Go Tournaments
Decentral Games Launches Sit-n-Go Tournaments

Decentral Games, a premier Metaverse and Blockchain gaming platform known for creating games and social experiences that attract thousands of visitors monthly, has unveiled a new mode in its ICE Poker game via the Decentral Flex App.

This recent announcement highlights the launch of the long-awaited Sit-n-Go (SNG) tournaments. These are single elimination tournaments offering players the opportunity to win in-game, along with rewards in ICE and xDG tokens.

The team released a statement detailing the new mode. According to them, “ICE Poker SNG is a six-player poker game with mandatory 10/20 chip blinds that double every four minutes. The blinds are structured to accelerate the pace of the tournaments and are a compulsory bet for all players.” Each match is expected to last around 45 minutes.

Decentral Games Launches Sit-n-Go Tournaments

The intention behind creating ICE Poker SNG was to establish a fast-paced, entry-level tournament circuit. The developers have incorporated Sit-n-Go for this purpose. Winners of each SNG game receive tournament badges, and runners-up get their entry fee returned.

To participate in the SNG tournament, players require a wearable device. Those without a wearable need to have Shine, although it’s been noted that wearable devices in the tournament are exclusively for use in SNG tournaments.

These wearables provide access to the ICE Poker Flex APP, and All Access Wearables are applicable in both Decentraland and Flex applications. The play-to-earn aspect of ICE Poker in SNG tournaments will differ from the game’s standard challenge mode.

Decentral Games emphasizes that the entry requirements for SNG tournaments are relatively low. They anticipate that the introduction of these tournaments will bolster the utility and demand for the ICE token.

A portion of the ICE used for Shine will be burned, aimed at enhancing the token’s value and longevity. Notably, the ICE Poker game accounts for over 60% of daily active users in the Decentraland (MANA) Metaverse.

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