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Paris Hilton to Construct Virtual Malibu Mansion in Sandbox

Yesterday, Sandbox revealed a collaboration with entrepreneur and DJ Paris Hilton to construct a virtual version of her Malibu Mansion in the Metaverse.

This partnership, involving Hilton’s company, 11:11 Media, is set to bring the celebrity’s world into The Sandbox’s Metaverse platform. This initiative offers fans and the community an innovative way to engage and connect with the star, enriching their virtual experiences.

Paris Hilton Malibu Mansion

Paris Hilton to Construct Virtual Malibu Mansion in Sandbox
Paris Hilton Will Build Malibu Mansion in Sandbox

Paris Hilton, a pioneer in adopting Web3, has been a long-time advocate of NFTs, Metaverses, and related initiatives.

Her recent collaboration with The Sandbox marks a significant advancement in her Web3 engagement. The creation of Hilton’s virtual Malibu Mansion in The Sandbox Metaverse opens up new avenues for fans to connect with her.

Hilton plans to host a variety of social and community events at her virtual mansion, including rooftop parties and other glamorous social experiences.

Additionally, a special Halloween event is slated to take place on her LAND in The Sandbox. Fans can look forward to encountering 11 new Sandbox avatars, each representing different aspects of Hilton’s multifaceted persona.

Expressing enthusiasm about this new venture, Paris Hilton stated she was “very excited” about the partnership and conveyed her trust in The Sandbox and its creative team.

As of now, specific details about the virtual Malibu Mansion are sparse, with neither The Sandbox nor Paris Hilton revealing much. More information is anticipated to be released in the upcoming days and weeks.

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