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Wonderverse Utilizes Indonesian Metaverse Technology

In Indonesia, two organizations have collaborated to create a Metaverse-based project called “Wonderverse.” This initiative aims to enhance the country’s creative economy and tourism through a digital and immersive approach.

The project’s primary focus is to showcase the beauty of Indonesia using indigenous Metaverse technology.

The Metaverse will encompass four distinct areas, where tourists and artists can interact with each other. Additionally, it will feature representations of various Indonesian locations and will incorporate elements akin to sales and promotions.

Wonderverse To Introduce Indonesia!

Wonderverse Utilizes Indonesian Metaverse Technology

Recent reports indicate that the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in collaboration with Magnus Digital, have developed a Metaverse channel named “WonderVerse Indonesia.” This digital venture is designed to highlight Indonesia’s tourist attractions, natural beauty, and economic potential within a virtual world.

As the global economy increasingly digitizes, Metaverse has emerged as a trend across various sectors, with many companies leveraging virtual technology for product promotion. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, by partnering with Magnus Digital Indonesia, joins this trend to boost the nation’s creative economy and tourism.

The ministry’s goal is to globally promote Indonesia’s creative economy and tourist destinations using the 3G technique.

This technique, formulated by Indonesian Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, comprises three components: Geber (collaboration), Gaspol (targeting potential business areas), and Geber2 (further expansion in these areas).

Magnus Digital, a technology-focused marketing and advertising agency, will play a crucial role in leading, marketing, and developing this project, partnering with both governmental and private entities.

Both parties believe that the WonderVerse initiative will place Indonesia at the forefront of the Metaverse trend, allowing local artists and producers to digitally showcase their work.

Users worldwide will be able to access WonderVerse Indonesia online, with plans to expand into virtual reality to enhance tourism opportunities. However, a minimum internet speed of 25 Mbps is recommended for users.

The Metaverse project consists of four main sections, or ‘plots’: the Lobby, WonderFun Land, WonderReal Land, and WonderGoods Land, each offering unique experiences. In the Lobby, tourists can interact with digital animals or view galleries of local art.

WonderFun Land will highlight traditional dances and plays, while WonderGoods Land offers shopping for local products. Finally, WonderReal Land provides a virtual space where tourists can directly purchase flight, accommodation, and hotel tickets.

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