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Introducing Slack AI: Stay Updated with Ease

Slack has unveiled its new AI-powered feature, Slack AI, which is set to simplify tasks for users. So, what can users expect from Slack AI?

Slack, a popular instant messaging platform used by businesses, has introduced a new feature known as “Slack AI.” This addition, a paid extension available to Slack Enterprise users, leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate users’ tasks, as implied by its name.

One of the major challenges faced by Slack users includes managing a large number of channels and navigating through the accumulated messages within these channels. Particularly, channels that become overwhelmed with messages during weekends, vacations, or annual leaves can be daunting for staff. In such instances, Slack AI promises to be a game-changer.

With Slack AI, messages written only on a subject can be accessed

Introducing Slack AI: Stay Updated with Ease

Slack AI, accessible via the star icon located at the top right of the app, will enable users to view all unread messages in a channel or receive a summary of these messages.

Additionally, this can be done for the past 7 days or for a specified period. This feature makes it straightforward to keep up with developments within the company.

Another capability of Slack AI is its ability to answer questions. Users can simply type a sentence about a topic and quickly receive answers related to their query.

Introducing Slack AI: Stay Updated with Ease

The AI scans messages in Slack channels, facilitating rapid access to the information being sought.

Furthermore, Slack AI’s question-answering feature will also work in conjunction with third-party services linked to Slack.

For example, if Slack is integrated with Notion and Box accounts and the answer to a query posed to Slack AI resides within a file in Notion or Box, the AI will present this information to the user.

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