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H&M Unveils New Collection at Metaverse

The renowned clothing brand H&M is set to showcase its new collection in the metaverse. The fashion industry is increasingly demonstrating a strong interest in metaverses and NFTs.

Fashion brands are venturing into launching their own NFT collections and have begun establishing stores and conducting fashion shows in the metaverse.

In line with this trend, H&M has also announced its plan to leverage the metaverse for its upcoming collection.

Metaverse Collaboration from H&M

H&M Unveils New Collection at Metaverse
H&M Unveils Its New Collection at Metaverse

H&M is collaborating with the Institute of Digital Fashion (IDF) to introduce the “The Metaverse Design Story” collection.

This collection, created in partnership with the Digital Fashion Institute (IDF), is being showcased through augmented reality (AR) fashion lenses on Snapchat, along with five augmented reality filters. These can be accessed via the H&M app and viewed through AR fashion lenses.

The physical collection will be available at the GPO mall in Melbourne starting from December 8, while its virtual counterpart will be accessible in the virtual space from December 1. Ella Soccorsi, a concept designer at H&M, shared her thoughts on the metaverse venture:

“We aimed to present our customers with an exhilarating collection that not only captures the excitement we all feel about the advent of the metaverse universe but also reflects our fascination with the natural world. We hope everyone enjoys what we’ve created.”

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