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Apple Vision Pro Release Date Announced

Apple’s upcoming product, the Apple Vision Pro, is reportedly in the training phase for store employees in California.

Typically, such training sessions precede the release of a new product, where employees learn about the features and usage of the device.

The information suggests that the Apple Vision Pro may be showcased in Apple stores in the United States starting from January 2024.

This training aims to equip employees with the knowledge to effectively explain and sell the product once it is officially launched.

Apple tightens Vision Pro tutorials

Apple Vision Pro Release Date Announced

The training sessions for Apple Vision Pro are synchronized with a calendar, commencing in the middle of each month.

Emphasizing the complexity of Vision Pro’s installation process, Apple underscores the importance of error-free implementation during these two-day training sessions.

Given the intricacies involved in customizing each Vision Pro for users, a meticulous approach is vital to ensure optimal user experience.

Even the attachment of the device to the user’s head is considered a critical step in this process.

Apple initiated its training efforts in Cupertino, acknowledging the device’s online availability and in-store purchase options.

Initially, Vision Pros will be exclusively sold in the United States and will be selectively distributed to stores upon request, rather than being universally available.

While Apple officially targets an “early 2024” release for Vision Pro, backstage rumors suggest a potential launch as early as January. However, global market availability details remain undisclosed at this time.

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