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Epic Games CEO Accuses Apple of Metaverse

Epic Games CEO stated that they will fight against Apple for metaverse engines.Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney explained that the only thing stopping the potential of the company’s metaverse vision is Apple. During GDC 2023, Epic Games released the Unreal Editor for Fortnite , which allows players to create their own games in creative mode for free . In an interview with at GDC 2023, Sweeney talked about Epic’s metaverse plan to change the ecosystem in the gaming industry.

“The gaming industry is the perfect place for an open system because there is no single dominant company that can dictate terms. Still, there’s one Apple hurdle standing in the way of Epic right now.” said. Sweeney continued: “They will either try to end the metaverse or try to take all the profits for themselves. Apple does not allow you to use a competing browser engine. That’s why you should use Apple’s limited metaverse engine.” said.

Epic Games Will Fight Apple

Epic Games CEO Accuses Apple of Metaverse
Epic Games CEO Accuses Apple of Metaverse

Saying that Apple can change all the platform rules in order to destroy the efforts people spend on the metaverse, the CEO stated that they need a real and solid antitrust law. Before moving on to the plans, he said that the first thing they will struggle with is the laws that can be passed on this issue. Recently, Meta has stated that it will reduce its metaverse and NFT investments for Facebook and Instagram. Then, the developers of EVE Online announced that they would realize a project connected to the world of the metaverse.

In his final words, Epic Games CEO said: “We must be allowed to use market forces and hardware to do this. Otherwise, Apple completely takes over the industry. So we have to fight this for a long time. I am confident that my team and I will overcome this and all other challenges.”

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