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Collaboration for metaverse from Microsoft and NVIDIA

NVIDIA has partnered with Microsoft to provide enterprise users with access to industrial metadata storage and artificial intelligence supercomputing resources over the cloud. 365 and Azure user businesses will have access to Omniverse and DGX Cloud over the cloud

Omniverse access to businesses using Azure

NVIDIA is making two cloud products available via Azure for businesses using Microsoft Azure Cloud. NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud provides an environment for designing, developing, deploying and managing industrial metaverse applications. In the field of industry, designing and testing in the metaverse helps companies calculate production and logistics costs accurately, thanks to simulation .

NVIDIA’s metaverse solutions are heavily used in industry planning. For example, Amazon Robotics produced the robots to be used in its warehouses after first creating and testing it in the metaverse. Automobile manufacturers also benefit from the metaverse in every aspect of their business, from new model development to factory planning.

NVIDIA’s other product, NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, is a computing service that enables businesses to access the infrastructure and software to train productive AI according to their needs.

Digital twin generation could accelerate

Collaboration for metaverse from Microsoft and NVIDIA
Collaboration for metaverse from Microsoft and NVIDIA

Omniverse is based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description (USD) system, an open source 3D scene description and file format, and businesses can create three-dimensional simulations with their products and areas containing the product environment.

By connecting Azure Digital Twins, used for the digital twin and the internet of things, to the Omniverse, companies can produce more accurate, dynamic, fully functional 3D digital copies of real-time data in the physical world through sensors . These digital copies can automatically respond to changes in the physical environment. Using Omniverse will increase security as Azure provides cloud service for secure storage of corporate data.

Within the scope of this new agreement, NVIDIA Omniverse is also combined with Microsoft’s 365 applications. For example, employees working on the Omniverse Cloud will be able to connect and talk to each other via online meeting via Teams and share in real time.

Omniverse Cloud powered by NVIDIA OVX will be available on Azure in the second half of this year. DGX Cloud, which provides supercomputing and software clusters to train generative AI, will be available on Azure three months later and leased to businesses on a monthly basis.

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