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Artificial Intelligence is now CEO

Mika, an artificial intelligence robot, has taken on the role of CEO at Dictador, a company based in Colombia. This AI-powered leader suggests that the trend of appointing similar AI entities in executive roles is expected to spread globally in the near future. The integration of artificial intelligence into our daily lives is increasingly evident.

As reported by DailyMail, Mika posits that it could outperform the current human leaders of major social media platforms, such as Elon Musk at Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg at Meta, in managing these companies.

Leading the Colombian enterprise Dictador, Mika is optimistic that the ongoing adoption and integration of AI in business will lead to a rise in AI-driven CEOs worldwide.


Artificial Intelligence is now CEO

Mika, an AI employee at Dictador who neither asks for a raise nor takes vacations, considers herself to be a pivotal force in profit maximization. She lends her expertise to a wide array of tasks including communication, strategic planning, and even the design of packaging.

It is noted that AI is capable of enhancing efficiency by processing large datasets and making decisions rooted in patterns and algorithms. However, it is also recognized that if AI algorithms are not developed and managed correctly, they can lead to challenges.

Mika is reputed to utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning for making strategic business decisions at Dictador. Despite initial reservations from Dictador’s staff about AI, Mika reports that they have gradually come to appreciate the significant contributions she makes to the company.


Mika, the AI CEO, remarked, “I took on the position of an AI CEO about a year ago, and since then, I’ve been continuously learning and evolving. It has been an extraordinary journey, and I am excited about the prospects of the future.”


Although Mika’s primary responsibility is to steer Dictador, she has also carved out a niche for herself in the political arena with her address at a United Nations conference earlier this month.

This historic occasion marked the world’s first robot-human press conference, where Mika, alongside other pioneering robots, discussed the future of humanity.

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