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Most Played Metaverse Games by Number of Users, Earning as You Play

In 2022, games within the metaverse experienced substantial growth. Many game projects launched this year set remarkable records and introduced the ‘play-to-earn’ concept to players globally.

We have compiled a list of the most-played blockchain games, based on user count, in the final month of 2022.

10.X World Games – 141,060

In X World Game, players can earn XWG tokens by acquiring NFT cards, engaging in battles using these cards, and completing various tasks. The game, accessible directly through a web browser, offers both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn options, enhancing the gaming experience. Additionally, the XWG token can be conveniently obtained from the exchange.

9.MOBOX – 182,590

Mobox is a gaming platform that integrates its core with DeFi (Decentralized Finance) systems, allowing players to earn money through gameplay. The platform currently hosts around five games, with new additions introduced monthly. Mobox is accessible on both phones and computers, enabling easy entry into the Mobox Metaverse. Players can begin their adventure by acquiring MBOX, the platform’s token, from exchanges like Binance and

8.The Crypto You – 215,195

The Crypto You is a blockchain-based Metaverse game launched recently on the Binance Smart Chain network, quickly gaining popularity.

In the game, players use NFT characters to complete daily mining quests, earning MILK, the game’s token. The MILK token can be traded on the Pancake Swap decentralized exchange.

7. DeFi Kingdoms – 220,462

DeFi Kingdoms integrates the gaming system of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with a Play-to-Earn economy.

Each aspect of the game features a distinct NFT logic, with these NFTs representing the characters players use in-game. The DeFi Kingdoms token, JEWEL, is available for purchase on the Hotbit exchange.

6. Upland – 203,017

Are you interested in purchasing virtual land that corresponds to your real-world home on the blockchain? If so, Upland might be the perfect choice for you.

In Upland, you can easily engage in transactions on the map and even interact with other players, organizing events and parties. The game is accessible through a mobile app, allowing you to download it and start exploring this unique virtual world.

5. CryptoMines – 303,470

CryptoMines is a science fiction-themed Play-to-Earn NFT game where players recruit workers and spaceships to explore the universe in search of its native token, ETERNAL. To embark on this adventure, you can acquire the ETERNAL token through Pancake Swap.

4. Bomb Crypto – 369,959

In Bomb Crypto, players have the opportunity to earn BCOIN, the game’s token, by detonating chests with bombs. The game also allows players to acquire NFT characters randomly through opening capsules.

Released about two months ago, Bomb Crypto has gained considerable popularity since its launch and continues to generate earnings for its users. BCOIN can be purchased via Pancake Swap, enabling players to start earning by engaging in the game.

3.Splinterlands – 661,095

Splinterlands is a collectible multiplayer card game featuring high-quality graphics and an intricate storyline set in a mystical world. The game operates on the Steem Blockchain, ensuring swift transactions and complete transparency.

Despite being released a few years ago, Splinterlands continues to be a popular and highly-regarded game. The game’s token, SPS, can be easily acquired from the exchange.

2.Axie Infinity – 830,929

Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based game, offers a play-to-earn experience, inviting players into its epic world filled with unique characters.

The gameplay is straightforward yet engaging. As a turn-based action and adventure game, it operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The game’s tokens, AXS and SLP, can be conveniently acquired on the Binance exchange.

1. Alien Worlds – 1,500,373

Alien Worlds, topping our list as the most played game, offers an engaging experience where players can earn TLM tokens by purchasing planet NFTs in the depths of space and embarking on various missions on these planets.

The game is easily playable in a browser with a connected wallet. The TLM token, integral to the game, is available for acquisition on the Binance exchange.

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