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Zepeto Collaborates with True , Boosting Thailand’s Metaverse Platform

Zepeto, a South Korea-based metaverse platform, has announced a collaboration with True Corporation, a leading telecommunications and digital services provider. True Corporation has declared its commitment to supporting metaverse platforms in Thailand.

Under this agreement, Zepeto aims to expand Thailand’s metaverse ecosystem, offering a blend of digital and physical experiences that are future-oriented.

As the Metaverse continues to evolve, there has been a notable increase in the number of companies venturing into this domain. Metaverse platforms are carving out a new business niche, further diversifying the landscape of digital and technological enterprises.

Millions of people in Thailand use metaverse platforms

Zepeto Collaborates with True , Boosting Thailand's Metaverse Platform

Thailand is emerging as a key player in the Metaverse field, boasting a substantial number of users. Zepeto, in particular, has reported a significant presence in Thailand, with millions of users and nearly 500,000 creators.

Recently, Naver Z, a subsidiary of the South Korean internet conglomerate Naver, revealed that it averages more than 20 million monthly users.

Zepeto is actively pursuing collaborations across various sectors. Alongside its recent partnership with True Corporation, the company has previously engaged in a collaboration with the K-pop music group Blackpink.

These alliances underscore Zepeto’s commitment to expanding its influence and reach in the rapidly evolving Metaverse landscape.

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