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Samsung CEO’s Metaverse Statement: New Devices for Virtual Reality

Samsung’s CEO has revealed plans to develop new devices specifically tailored for the metaverse, emphasizing their recognition of opportunities within this burgeoning field.

According to reports from the South Korean newspaper Hankyung, the technology giant, Samsung, is gearing up for new initiatives in the metaverse sector. At the company’s general assembly meeting, CEO Jong-Hee Han outlined the goals set for 2022.

As part of the strategic decisions unveiled during the board meeting, Samsung intends to undertake various mergers and acquisitions, venture into the realm of artificial intelligence, and engage in the production of robots.

This signifies a proactive approach by Samsung to diversify its portfolio and position itself at the forefront of emerging technologies, with a particular focus on the metaverse. The company’s commitment to exploring these innovative fields reflects its dedication to staying at the cutting edge of technological advancements in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Samsung CEO: “Metaverse will increase our growth rate”

Samsung CEO's Metaverse Statement: New Devices for Virtual Reality

Amidst the swift evolution of the Metaverse concept, numerous major companies are intensifying their efforts in this burgeoning field. Samsung, a technology giant, is no exception, aiming to leverage the metaverse to address application challenges and craft innovative metaverse products.

Jong-Hee Han, the CEO of Samsung, expressed the company’s commitment to exploring new growth opportunities in metaverse technology during a recent meeting.

Han stated, “We will develop optimized metaverse devices and solutions so that customers can experience the metaverse anytime, anywhere.” This declaration underscores Samsung’s dedication to creating tailored devices and solutions that enhance user experiences within the metaverse.

By focusing on optimization and accessibility, Samsung aims to position itself as a key player in the rapidly expanding metaverse landscape, offering users seamless access to metaverse experiences across various platforms and environments.

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