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Snap acquires neurotech company NextBand 

Snap announced that it has acquired Paris-based neurotechnology company NextMind . With the acquisition, NextMind joined Snap Lab. It should be noted that Snap Lab focuses on long-term augmented reality research. NextMind will continue to operate in Paris. The technology developed by NextMind monitors neural activity to understand your purpose as you interact with a computing interface. Thus, it allows you to press a virtual button by focusing only on interaction.

Snap acquires neurotech company NextBand 
Snap acquires neurotech company NextBand 

Thanks to the technology developed by NextMind, it is possible to manage AR/VR headsets without using your hands. Focusing on products such as Spectacles, Snap Lab’s acquisition of the product may play an important role in the production of new generation glasses or headgear. 

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