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New development on Nike’s NFTs and metaverse project

RTFKT, which runs Nike’s NFT and metaverse projects, announced that it has acquired the dotswoosh.eth domain name for the Ethereum ENS network.    

There are many important projects on the Ethereum network. When this is the case, important companies also prefer Ethereum in their new projects. RTFKT, Nike’s Web3 arm, was also one of the names that winked at Ethereum. RTFKT, which works on Metaverse and NFT, announced that it has acquired the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name. RTFKT, the Web3 arm of sneaker and apparel brand Nike, purchased the dotswoosh.eth domain name for 19.72 ETH, or about $35,000. Proceeding through RTFKT in Web3 projects, Nike reached a total of 10 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names with this latest move. Let us also remind you that Nike purchased RTFKT for metaverse and NFT studies at the end of 2021.

New development on Nike's NFTs and metaverse project
New development on Nike’s NFTs and metaverse project

Nike has not yet explained why it chose this domain name. However, according to the estimates of some Twitter users; With this acquisition, Nike wants to use this domain name to publish ENS subdomains in the future. Nike may also allow owners of certain NFTs or other assets to register an ENS subdomain under dotswoosh.eth. Finally, Nike recently introduced the first Ethereum NFT sneaker, the RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks .

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