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Kucoin Trade Volume, Trade Pairs, and Info

The KuCoin Exchange opened for cryptographic money exchanging September 2017 which situated in Seychelles. The KuCoin Exchange puts an accentuation on the nature of the undertakings recorded in view of an examination office that scours the blockchain business for quality tasks. KuCoin gives a trade administration to clients to go through with advanced resource exchanges safely and effectively. Over the long haul, KuCoin intends to give dependable, expanded worth to its in excess of 5,000,000 enlisted clients, in north of 100 nations. In November 2018, ‘The People’s Exchange’ authoritatively collaborated with IDG Capital and Matrix Partners.

On Sept. 25, 2020, KuCoin experienced a digital assault on their trade, where programmers took $275-$285 million worth of clients’ computerized resources. It was thought that North Korean programmers were liable for the hack. Be that as it may, the Seychelles-based trade’s speedy and proficient reaction to the hack – KuCoin liaised with blockchain information firm Chainalysis, other crypto trades and law implementation offices – permitted it to recuperate the majority of the assets and discounted the remainder of its clients utilizing its protection reserve. The KuCoin hack was the fourth biggest; look at the rundown of the biggest crypto heist and how the trades were impacted.


Metaverse Coin Kucoin

Being one of the largest and most respected exchanges in the world,  Kucoin  is not listed on every Metaverse coin exchange  Kucoin exchange has given great importance to Metaverse games. With the Facebook company changing its name to Meta, Metaverse coins have started to come to the fore a lot . The Kucoin exchange also predicted that the Metaverse sector will be a very large sector in the future by providing all necessary assistance and support to these Metaverse coins.

Binance lists the Metaverse coins it trusts and invests in on its own cryptocurrency exchanges.

Metaverse Coins listed by Kucoin Exchange

The coins listed on the  Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange are currently the above coins. But in the coming days,  Kucoin Cryptocurrency exchange will list Metaverse coins that have proven their reliability and are used by many people .

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