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Meta’s Patent Unveils Users’ Clothes in the Metaverse!

Meta has secured a new patent that aligns with its vision for the Metaverse, a virtual world designed for socializing, gaming, and working.

This recent patent acquisition enables users in the Metaverse to scan their real-world clothing into the virtual environment.

Meta Increases Metaverse Patents!

Meta's Patent Unveils Users' Clothes in the Metaverse!

In late July, Meta received a patent for a system that would allow users to upload their own clothes into the Metaverse. The system is designed to capture multiple photos of the user, gathering data on the color, shape, and design of both the clothing and the wearer’s body. This data is then used to create a three-dimensional mesh representation of the clothing, adapted to the body beneath it.

In computer graphics, a mesh is the fundamental structure of a model, providing its basic shape. This can be further refined with texture maps, such as normal maps, to enhance realism. The patent aims to establish a ‘skin clothing limit,’ which implies that the virtual clothing will be able to respond dynamically to the wearer’s movements. Additionally, it will prevent clothing from unrealistically passing through the body or becoming submerged in water.

While the new patent presents an intriguing concept, its practical effectiveness remains to be seen. Previous attempts at realistic 3D face scans from images or videos in other programs and games have faced challenges, though advancements have been made over time.

The prospect of uploading a real-life outfit into the Metaverse is compelling. However, surveys indicate that average users may not be keen on interacting with strangers in the Metaverse who resemble their real-life appearance too closely.

The patent’s intended application may differ, as Meta has frequently discussed using the Metaverse for meetings and other professional contexts. In such scenarios, the ability to present one’s true self could be highly valued by many users.

Company Strengthens Its Initiatives Despite Big Losses!

Meta's Patent Unveils Users' Clothes in the Metaverse!

Meta’s venture into the virtual world has significantly impacted its financials. The company recently reported a substantial loss of $2.8 billion in its Reality Labs division for the second quarter, following a $2.9 billion loss in the first quarter of the year. This accumulates to a total loss of $5.7 billion for Meta in the current year. Additionally, the company reported an annual loss of $10.2 billion last year, bringing its combined losses to nearly $16 billion.

Despite these financial setbacks, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains optimistic about the future of the Metaverse. He believes that the company’s investments will yield greater returns over time. In a recent interview, Zuckerberg highlighted the Metaverse industry’s potential, estimating its value at billions of dollars and foreseeing significant development in the sector. He expressed confidence that Meta will be a leading player in this growth and suggested that the company’s current losses will be overshadowed by its future successes.

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