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InfiniteWorld Deepens Metaverse and Web3 Initiatives

InfiniteWorld has recently acquired the gaming company Super Bit Machine for an undisclosed sum, a strategic move that aligns with the company’s expansion into the Metaverse and Web3 technologies.

InfiniteWorld plans to leverage the expertise of the indie game studio, known for creating the game Armajet, to develop games that enhance customer engagement.

Additionally, this technology firm aims to assist marketers in developing online content within the Metaverse. By doing so, InfiniteWorld is looking to create opportunities for marketers to monetize and establish connections in this emerging digital space.

InfiniteWorld Wants to Dominate the Playground!

InfiniteWorld Deepens Metaverse and Web3 Initiatives
InfiniteWorld Deepens Metaverse and Web3 Initiatives

Brad Allen, CEO of InfiniteWorld, has emphasized the company’s ambition to transition Web2 communities into the realm of Web3, identifying gaming as the most effective pathway for this shift. Allen believes that the essence of the Metaverse and Web3 lies in crafting novel experiences and interactions. He also expressed a desire to ensure that the company rapidly enters the market with a high level of engagement.

Super Bit Machine, a mobile game development company, is known for its proficiency in managing multiplayer games on Android and iOS. The company’s founders, Allen and Alexander Krivicich, expressed optimism about gaming, the Metaverse, and Web3, even amidst economic uncertainties, in a recent interview.

The primary objective of acquiring Super Bit Machine is to augment InfiniteWorld’s ability to offer Web3 and Metaverse experiences to brands. This move also brings real-time multiplayer game development capabilities, which will become a central part of InfiniteWorld’s product portfolio.

InfiniteWorld Deepens Metaverse and Web3 Initiatives

Allen highlighted that this acquisition signifies the ongoing convergence of blockchain technology with gaming platforms, bridging traditional gaming experiences on computers, consoles, and mobile devices with the versatility of Web3 capabilities.

As a result of this acquisition, Alexander Krivicich will take on the role of Chief Strategy Officer at InfiniteWorld. Krivicich noted that InfiniteWorld continues to lead in Metaverse technology, placing gaming at the forefront of its brand and intellectual property strategies.

Furthermore, InfiniteWorld plans to go public through a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), InfiniteWorld SPAC, aiming to raise $145 million in conjunction with InfiniteWorld Aries I Acquisition Corporation and SPAC.

The company targets Generation Z, who are more adept with technology and digital assets, and has established partnerships with various entities ranging from Chibi to McLaren.

With this latest venture, InfiniteWorld is set to expand its footprint in both the gaming world and the Metaverse. The company also plans to launch new initiatives and tailor its games to meet the evolving demands over time.

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