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Metafluence: Connecting Influencers, Audiences, and Brands in the Metaverse

Metafluence, a project designed to connect top influencers, their audiences, and interested brands within the Metaverse, is set to conduct its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on January 24. This platform will enable influencers to interact with their followers, engage in sponsored advertising, and host a variety of events.

The Metaverse, a cutting-edge universe that merges modern technology with virtual reality, is opening doors to new opportunities through various initiatives.

Metafluence, aiming to unite influential content creators, their audiences, and brands via Metahut’s, has partnered with BlueZilla for incubation. The IDO is scheduled for January 24 and will be hosted on BSCpad, MetaVPad, and NFTLaunch, which are among the top launchpads in the BlueZilla ecosystem.

New generation “Influencer Marketing”

Metafluence: Connecting Influencers, Audiences, and Brands in the Metaverse

Founded by Keepface, an automated influencer marketing platform connecting over 500,000 influencers with over 5,000 brands, Metafluence is rejuvenating the realm of influencer marketing. Within this project, influencers will have the opportunity to share their lifestyles, engage with their target audiences, and collect and trade digital artworks (NFTs) through Metahuts. Additionally, they can collaborate with advertisers directly within Metafluence.

Metahuts, central to the Metafluence project, serve as digital residences where influencers can connect with their audiences and various brands. Designed to mimic private facilities, these digital spaces will be strategically located in virtual city centers, near plazas, shopping areas, and other high-traffic virtual locations. Influencers will also enjoy the liberty to customize and personalize their Metahuts according to their preferences.

What will happen in Metahuts?

In Metafluence, a limited number of Metahuts are specifically tailored for influencers participating in the project. These influencers will have the freedom to personalize their Metahuts, which will feature Event, Shopping, and NFT rooms, enabling them to curate experiences and interactions as they see fit.

The Event Room within these residences is designed for influencers to host meetings, shows, presentations, or meet-and-greets with their audience, facilitating a variety of events. Influencers can utilize these digital spaces to conduct all their events and interactions.

The Shopping Room, true to its name, is intended as a space where influencers can sell their own digital or physical products, promote items from brands they collaborate with, and feature sponsored products. These rooms also offer a platform for influencers to forge new sponsorship and collaboration agreements with brands.

Meanwhile, the NFT Room is conceived as a virtual gallery, allowing influencers to display, sell, or exchange their digital assets and collections. Additionally, Metahuts are designed to be adaptable and upgradeable by their owners, providing the flexibility to modify these virtual residences according to the influencers’ evolving needs and preferences.

Influencers will take their place in Metaverse with Metafluence

The objective of the Metafluence project is to connect influential figures and brands globally. Elvin Aziyev, CEO of Metafluence, described the project as a virtual city inhabited by influencers, their dedicated audiences, and brands. He emphasized the project’s vision to establish an influencer-focused ecosystem in the Metaverse, where interactions between influencers, audiences, and brands are transparent and engaging.

The project has garnered international interest and includes notable influencers like Evan Luthra, a recognized figure in the cryptocurrency sphere. These high-profile influencers have already secured their Metahuts and are actively participating in the project.

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Metafluence and Metahuts, and the envisioned influencer-centric ecosystem, a detailed trailer is available. Additionally, comprehensive information about the project can be found on its official website.

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