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Disney Hires Apple Game Executive to Lead Metaverse Efforts

The metaverse is garnering increasing attention each day, with numerous companies venturing into this sector to pioneer the next generation of entertainment experiences. In a bid to realize their metaverse ambitions, these companies are actively seeking top executives to lead their initiatives. Disney, a major player in this space, has recently made a significant move by hiring Mark Bozon, a key figure at Apple and a notable contributor to Apple Arcade.

Mark Bozon, who announced his departure from Apple two weeks ago, has joined Disney, indicating the entertainment giant’s strategic investment in metaverse endeavors. While Bozon has not disclosed specific details about his future career plans, his move to Disney suggests a strong focus on harnessing the potential of the metaverse for innovative and immersive entertainment experiences.

This recruitment underscores the competitive landscape within the metaverse industry, with major companies vying for skilled professionals to drive their initiatives forward and shape the future of digital entertainment. As the metaverse continues to evolve, such strategic hires will likely play a crucial role in defining the direction and success of these ambitious projects.

Mark Bozon to focus on next-gen storytelling for Disney

Disney has chosen to differentiate its strategy by avoiding the term “Metaverse,” recognizing that the term may carry varied meanings for different audiences. Mike White, who leads the newly established division named “Next Generation Storytelling and User Experiences,” has brought on board Mark Bozon, an Apple employee and the former creative director at Apple Arcade.

In his role, Bozon will play a pivotal part in shaping and executing Disney’s strategies to venture into what is commonly referred to as the metaverse. However, Disney’s distinctive approach involves framing its initiatives under the umbrella of “Next Generation Storytelling and User Experiences.”

As part of the next-generation storytelling team, Bozon will spearhead the formation of a team dedicated to constructing interconnected experiences spanning Disney’s gaming, movie, TV, toy, and park domains. This strategic move reflects Disney’s commitment to redefining digital entertainment experiences while avoiding the potentially ambiguous or diverse interpretations associated with the term “Metaverse.”

Bozon had worked at Apple for 12 years, before that he was Nintendo editor at IGN. Experienced in the entertainment and games industry, boson will be a senior executive for Disney’s Metaverse plans.

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