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Master AI with Free Tutorials

Are you aware of the free artificial intelligence training courses available through Google? These courses, delivered by experts across various domains of artificial intelligence, are definitely worth checking out!

We have put together a list of eight free courses offered by Google, each consisting of 45-minute lessons.

1.Engage with Productive Artificial Intelligence

Master AI with Free Tutorials

In this free forty-five-minute course, you’ll discover how to harness the power of productive artificial intelligence using Google tools.

2.Creating Images with Artificial Intelligence

Master AI with Free Tutorials

In this course, you’ll explore how to create images using Vertex AI, the artificial intelligence component of Google Cloud.

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3.Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Master AI with Free Tutorials

This informative and engaging course on the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence will teach you about the basics of AI coding. Upon finishing, you’ll be awarded an achievement badge.

4.Supply Chain Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Master AI with Free Tutorials

In this course, you’ll discover how AI assists in managing supply chains. It also includes micro-learning components, offering brief but informative lessons!

5.Creative Artificial Intelligence Studio

Master AI with Free Tutorials

This course makes it easy for you to learn how to develop applications using Google tools and creative artificial intelligence.

6.Encoder and Decoder Architecture

Master AI with Free Tutorials

Simplify your grasp of the encoder-decoder dynamic. Discover the mechanisms behind machine translation, text-to-code, and question-response processes using TensorFlow…

7.Transformer Models and BERT Models

Start a journey into the realm of artificial intelligence and quickly understand coding language through Google tools in this course.

8.Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me the Money

Having gained extensive knowledge about creative AI models, you might be inclined to start a business with them. However, before taking that step, securing funding is essential!

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