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Magnificent Century Enters Metaverse

The globally popular TV series “Magnificent Century” has taken a leap into the metaverse thanks to an agreement between the show’s production company and the metaverse platform, The Sandbox. This significant announcement was made at a global launch event held in Paris.

As per the agreement, the iconic locations from the series will be revived in The Sandbox metaverse, starting from the last quarter of 2023. Moreover, the memorable characters from the series will be transformed into avatars.


The launch event, hosted by The Sandbox, saw the participation of Tims Productions, the series’ production company, along with Hungri Games and UGC90 game studios. The event, which commenced with a workshop, carried on with a panel discussing the metaverse integration of globally renowned TV series. The event also featured a signing ceremony attended by Timur Savcı, the Co-Founder of The Sandbox Sebastian Borget, and The Sandbox Turkey Country Manager Arslan Kiran.

The “Magnificent Century” series location in the virtual universe will host various events and provide audiences with a highly interactive gamified metaverse experience. Notably, the series’ characters will be transformed into NFT and avatar collections in the future, providing fans of the series an opportunity to personalize their avatars with their favorite character’s items.

The ‘Magnificent Century’, produced by Tims Productions and Timur Savcı, is based on the life of Suleiman the Magnificent, the 10th longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire, and his wife, Hürrem Sultan. The series is the most-watched Turkish TV series of all time and is the second global production to enter the metaverse platform after ‘The Walking Dead’.

The Sandbox, having entered the Turkish market in June 2022, saw a 114% increase in its trade volume in January 2023 compared to the previous month, according to DappRadar data. This move of bringing ‘Magnificent Century’ into the metaverse not only strengthens The Sandbox’s growing presence in the region but also establishes a new Web3 vision for the entire TV series/film industry.

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