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Security Tips On Web 3.0

The increasing prevalence of Web 3.0 all over the world has brought new threats with it. Global threat intelligence agency Cisco Talos, which explores the increasing risks in this area, listed four key tips to keep users safe on Web 3.0:

Strong security applications

The simplest suggestion is usually the best. By choosing strong passwords and using Multi-Factor Authentication, users can go a long way in ensuring security. In addition, by segmenting networks and logging network activity, organizations can identify and resolve issues before they become serious. It is also important to examine the internet, ENS domain and crypto wallet addresses for cleverly disguised misspellings, which are a red flag for fake websites. It is equally critical that users do not click on links unintentionally sent to them via social media or email.

Always keep the seed phrase

Users should protect their seed phrases (basic phrase ids), which sometimes come in the form of QR codes, and should not share them with anyone. This issue becomes even more important as crypto wallets are used more and more to identify and personalize metaverse content. Because the loss of the seed phrase means that the user loses control of their identity and personal digital presence.

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Security Tips On Web 3.0
Security Tips On Web 3.0

The strongest security systems use many different layers of security. Using a hardware wallet adds extra protection to cryptocurrency or NFT ownership. Because in this case the user has to plug in a device, enter a pin code and approve or reject transactions containing the wallet address.

Be careful when buying NFT

As NFT acquisition and use becomes more and more popular, users need to search for the smart contract address to see if the source code has been released to ensure the security of these investments. Unpublished source code is a warning sign. To ensure that the potential investment makes sense, users should look for information about the developers of the NFT project.

Anonymous developers can easily sway investors. Make sure the payment is made to the legal project on the right blockchain so you don’t become one of the victims. If connecting to a cryptocurrency wallet to buy or print NFT, use the newly created wallet address where there is enough funds to cover the cost of the purchase. This approach ensures that, in any adverse situation, the user does not lose all the contents of the original cryptocurrency wallet.

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