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Huawei Vision Price Revealed: Competing with Apple Vision Pro

The price and features of the Huawei Vision have been unveiled. These glasses, poised to compete with the Apple Vision Pro, are reported to be lighter and more affordable.

Huawei has been developing an AR/VR headset for a while now. Following the launch and significant success of the Apple Vision Pro, investment in the project has ramped up.

It has been discovered that the Chinese manufacturer has created a cost-effective pair of glasses aimed at directly challenging Apple.

Huawei Vision will weigh only 350 grams

Huawei Vision Price Revealed: Competing with Apple Vision Pro

Li Nan, the former marketing manager of Meizu, discussed the “Huawei Vision” in statements shared on social media. According to Huawei, the VR glasses, codenamed Vision, will be significantly lighter and more affordable.

It is claimed that the Huawei Vision will weigh only 350 grams, making it nearly twice as light as the 600-gram Vision Pro. This lighter design could potentially address neck pain issues reported by some Vision Pro users.

Huawei plans to use 4K micro-OLED panels produced by Sony to deliver high-resolution imagery. However, the glasses are said to lack a feature akin to Apple’s EyeSight camera system, which enables others to see the user’s eye movements.

While Apple does not compromise on performance, equipping the Vision Pro with M2 and R1 chips, Huawei is expected to employ its own chips designed by HiSilicon.

It’s intriguing to see how the company, facing challenges in chip production due to U.S. sanctions, will manage the development of its latest chips.

The Huawei Vision is rumored to be launched at a significantly lower price point than the Vision Pro, around $1750. This means that the glasses, which Apple sells for $3500, could be available at half the price.

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