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Huawei Vision: Half the Price of Apple Vision Pro

Huawei, one of China’s leading technology firms, is gearing up to compete with Apple in the AR/VR domain. Reports suggest the company is developing a device poised to rival Apple’s Vision Pro.

Before facing a U.S. embargo, Huawei was among the world’s top technology corporations, continuing to produce products that compete with giants like Apple and Samsung, particularly in Asia.

Despite facing challenges in the smartphone market, rumors indicate that Huawei may soon venture into the “Spatial Computing” market.

Huawei’s AR glasses will be lighter and cheaper than the Vision Pro

Huawei Vision: Half the Price of Apple Vision Pro

According to Huawei Central, Huawei is developing a device set to rival Apple’s Vision Pro. Reports suggest that this upcoming device, expected to be named Huawei Vision, will weigh 350 grams, in contrast to the Apple Vision Pro’s weight of 600-650 grams. Furthermore, the report highlights that Huawei Vision will be equipped with Sony-manufactured 4K micro-OLED panels, aiming to match the Vision Pro in terms of image quality.

However, the report also mentions that Huawei Vision will be missing some features. Notably, it appears that Huawei will not include an EyeSight-like feature, which was developed by Apple to allow Vision Pro users to interact more seamlessly with the external environment. Additionally, there’s speculation that Huawei’s device might not match the Vision Pro in terms of application support.

Huawei Vision may lag behind on the performance side

The report indicates that Huawei’s upcoming mixed reality headset will be powered by a custom chipset developed in-house. Prototypes have demonstrated that this chip supports nearly latency-free motion controls.

However, given the company’s challenges in chip development, it’s considered highly unlikely that this device will match the Vision Pro in terms of performance. Furthermore, issues faced by SMIC in advancing to the 5nm process might result in the Huawei Vision being equipped with a less efficient processor.

While Huawei’s smart glasses are anticipated to fall short of Apple’s offering in performance and certain technical aspects, the report suggests that the device will be priced at around 15,000 yuan, approximately 2,000 dollars. This pricing strategy positions the Huawei Vision as a competitor to the Apple Vision Pro in terms of price-to-performance ratio.

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