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Historical steal from Meta to Apple’s VR/AR glasses

In a surprising turn of events just days before Apple’s anticipated launch of its first VR/AR glasses, Meta has thrown its hat into the ring with the release of Meta Quest 3.

Although Apple and Meta traditionally operate in different spheres, a competitive tension has been building between the two tech giants in recent years.

This rivalry, exacerbated by disagreements over App Store pricing policies and clashing visions of the Metaverse, seems poised to intensify.


The growing number of overlapping business interests between the two companies and Mark Zuckerberg’s recent moves, such as expediting the release of Meta Quest 3, signal a head-to-head confrontation in the near future. Given Meta’s substantial investments in Metaverse technologies, including VR/AR glasses, Apple’s entrance into this arena poses a considerable threat to the social media giant.

In a strategic move, Meta preemptively captured the spotlight by unveiling the highly anticipated Meta Quest 3 at a competitive price point of $499, available in all existing Meta Quest markets. Originally, the company had planned to reveal its new VR/AR glasses later, making this rescheduled announcement appear as a calculated strategy to outshine Apple.


As Apple gears up to announce its own VR/AR offering, expected to come with a premium price tag, the stage is set for inevitable comparisons with Meta’s affordably priced Quest 3. The simmering rivalry between these two tech behemoths thus seems set to reach new heights as they both vie for dominance in the emerging VR/AR and Metaverse landscapes.

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