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Meta’s VR/AR Glasses Challenge Apple’s Anticipated Launch

In an unexpected move just days before Apple’s highly awaited debut of its first VR/AR glasses, Meta has entered the competition with the launch of the Meta Quest 3.

While Apple and Meta typically function in distinct domains, a competitive rivalry has been escalating between the two technology behemoths in recent years.

This competition, fueled by disputes over App Store pricing policies and divergent views on the Metaverse, appears set to deepen.

The increasing overlap in business interests between the two firms, along with Mark Zuckerberg’s recent actions, such as the accelerated launch of Meta Quest 3, indicates an imminent direct competition.

Meta’s significant investments in Metaverse technologies, including VR/AR glasses, mean that Apple’s foray into this field represents a serious challenge to the social media titan.

In a tactical maneuver, Meta strategically seized the limelight by introducing the eagerly awaited Meta Quest 3 at a competitive price of $499, making it available across all existing Meta Quest markets. Although the company initially planned a later reveal for its new VR/AR glasses, this rescheduled announcement seems to be a deliberate move to eclipse Apple.

Meta's VR/AR Glasses Challenge Apple's Anticipated Launch

As Apple prepares to unveil its VR/AR product, anticipated to carry a premium price, the groundwork is laid for inevitable comparisons with Meta’s competitively priced Quest 3. This escalating rivalry between the two tech giants is poised to intensify as they each strive for supremacy in the burgeoning fields of VR/AR and the Metaverse.

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