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Billionaire Announces Metaverse Coin and Web3 Investments!

Venture capitalist and “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary   builds a broad net for cryptocurrency and Web3 investments and states that his bets on metaverse and metaverse coin projects are based on the Web 3 economy. Here are the details…

Kevin O’Leary reveals his positions

Since the S&P 500 currently has 11 sectors, most experts typically recommend putting no more than 20 percent in any industry and 5 percent in any stock. As we reported on , O’Leary applies this strategy to his crypto portfolio and predicts that crypto, blockchain and innovative financial services will be the 12th sector of the S&P 500 within ten years.

He now holds 32 positions in the digital asset industry, including Solana (SOL), Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain firm Polygon. “ Bitcoin isn’t a coin, it’s software ,” O’Leary said. “The same goes for other tokens like Ethereum, Helium, and Solana,” he said, adding: “If you believe there is long-term economic value in the software, you can give it a 5 percent weight within your operating authorization,” he says.


Is there a metaverse or metaverse coin investment?

The billionaire’s portfolio approach applies to broader investment in Web3 . O’Leary calls for intense diversification, saying “because you have no idea what’s going to work.” When considering whether to invest in a company, particularly those in the emerging Web3 space, O’Leary first determines what problem is being solved and whether it has economic value.

Meanwhile, the venture capitalist said he has yet to purchase any metaverse properties as he waits to see if the lead regulated or unregulated metaverse will emerge. O’Leary noted that regulated metaverses will be the most sought after places for transactions and advertisements for big brands, but unregulated spaces can host less attractive businesses like lesser-known brands. When the time comes, O’Leary hopes to find a place among other companies that fits his vision and uses the following phrases:

I would probably first put something like my wine business into the curated metaverse and advertise it there. I would provide tokens for transactions as long as there was a place where I felt safe for my brand.

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