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American Express Enters NFT and Metaverse

American Express, a global credit card and travel company, is venturing into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and the metaverse, as evident from recent trademark applications.

In the past weeks and months, the metaverse, synonymous with virtual reality, has witnessed an increasing number of companies exploring opportunities in this space.

American Express has now joined the ranks of companies looking to delve into the metaverse and NFT arena.

The world-famous brand enters NFTs and metaverse with its applications!

American Express has filed applications for 7 new trademarks, including the company’s name, logo, and slogans such as ”AMEX, SHOP SMALL, and MEMBERSHIP AWARDS”. These trademark applications signal the multinational payment card services company’s intention to expand into the metaverse and offer branded services in this virtual space.

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis, specializing in metaverse trademarks, shared this news on Twitter on Tuesday, March 15. He revealed that the applications were submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on March 9, indicating American Express’s plans to provide NFT-powered multimedia, cryptocurrency services, virtual banking, and stock market offerings.

Mr. Kondoudis stated in a press release: “American Express is a prominent financial brand, and brand value is crucial. American Express recognizes the potential of the Metaverse and is positioning its trademarks and branding for the virtual economy that will dominate it.”

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