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Realm (REALM) Market Value, News

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Realm is an innovative project in the blockchain space that seeks to combine the worlds of DeFi, NFTs, and virtual reality. It allows users to explore, create, and trade in a dynamic, user-generated virtual ecosystem. With the REALM token serving as its utility token, Realm presents a whole new dimension to the blockchain world. This comprehensive article will delve into what Realm is, its market value, supply, technology, purpose, founders, pros and cons, and more.

What is Realm?

Realm is a virtual reality platform on the blockchain, allowing users to create and interact in personalized microverses. These user-created worlds are tokenized into Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and can be bought, sold, and traded on the platform. The REALM token, the native token of Realm, is used for a variety of purposes such as governance, creation, and customization within the Realm universe.

History and Founders

Realm was founded by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals who saw the potential of combining the fast-growing fields of DeFi, NFTs, and virtual reality. The founders’ backgrounds span a variety of areas within the tech industry, including game development, blockchain technology, and digital asset creation. They saw the opportunity to create a platform where users could not only participate but also contribute and benefit from their creations.

Purpose and Vision

The primary purpose of Realm is to democratize the virtual space. Users can create, explore, and interact within a vast network of virtual microverses that they can own and monetize. The platform’s vision is to bring the next generation of virtual interaction to the masses, offering an entirely new dimension of user experience that goes beyond the two-dimensional screen interface.

Technology and Supply

Realm leverages the Ethereum blockchain for the creation of its NFTs. Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities make it ideal for managing unique digital assets like NFTs. However, it’s important to note that Realm is blockchain agnostic, and can interoperate with multiple blockchains, not just Ethereum. This multichain approach enhances its scalability and accessibility.

As for the REALM token, its total supply, market value, and other specifics can vary and are best sourced from reliable crypto data platforms for up-to-date information.

Strengths and Limitations

The strengths of Realm lie in its innovative blend of NFTs, DeFi, and virtual reality. It provides a novel user experience where individuals can create and monetize personalized virtual realities. The multichain approach enhances accessibility, and the use of the REALM token for platform governance gives users a say in the project’s development.

However, Realm is not without limitations. As a project at the intersection of several cutting-edge technologies, it faces significant technological and market risks. Its reliance on Ethereum exposes it to high gas fees during peak periods, although the multichain approach mitigates this to an extent. Furthermore, as with all crypto projects, Realm is subject to market volatility and regulatory risks.


Realm represents a bold attempt to redefine our interaction with the digital world. By combining NFTs, DeFi, and virtual reality, it allows users to create and monetize personalized virtual realities, offering a novel user experience. While it faces risks associated with market volatility, technological complexity, and regulatory uncertainties, its unique proposition and vision make it an intriguing project to follow. As with all investments, potential investors should conduct thorough due diligence before diving into the Realm microverse.

How To Buy Realm

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About Realm (REALM)

Websiterealm.art enter-realm.medium.com
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CommunityTwitter Telegram discord.com
API iddrealm

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