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Walmart prepares to enter the Metaverse universe

Metaverse moves from global companies continue to come. It is stated that Walmart is also preparing for Metaverse after Samsung. The company is gearing up for Metaverse with its own cryptocurrency and NFT. After the news, there were rapid rises in cryptocurrencies such as Decentraland and Sand, the Metaverse project.

Retail giant Walmart is taking new steps to join the Metaverse world, to produce its own cryptocurrency and NFT.

Retail giant Walmart filed for various trademarks on Dec.

According to the news, the company made seven separate applications in total.

“We are always testing new ideas. Some ideas become the product or service we offer to our customers. We learn from some that we test,” Walmart said in a statement.


Josh Gerben, one of the company’s brand attorneys, said that since Facebook announced that it was changing the company name to Meta and moving towards goals beyond social media, companies were trying to understand how to adapt to the virtual world.

In August last year, the company announced that it is seeking executives for cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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