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US university launches education on metaverse

Metaverse technology continues to grow. Especially many educational institutions around the world are making new moves regarding the metaverse. The Wharton School has announced that it will launch a new course on the metaverse.

Metaverse has become quite popular lately. According to the latest news; The Whartoon School, a business school under the umbrella of the private Ivy League University in Pennsylvania, has launched a six-week online course called “Business in the Metaverse ,” which the school has developed in conjunction with economic consulting firm Prysm Group.

US university launches education on metaverse
US university launches education on metaverse

Many people, institutions and organizations are working on the metaverse and creating new projects for the metaverse to reach more people. This time the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania is launching a six-week online course on the metaverse.

More specifically, the course will be six weeks long and will educate students about the evolving metaverse. It will provide tools for students to solve problems within the metaverse.

The online course titled “Business in the Metaverse Economy” plans to educate students about the applications of economics in the metaverse.

The program’s academic director, Kevin Werbach, said the aim of the course is to enable business professionals to address the opportunities in the metaverse economy and the issues within it.


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