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The Sandbox on Stage with Turkishverse

As of my last training data in September 2021, I don’t have real-time information on specific current events or projects like the “Turkishverse” project you mentioned in the context of The Sandbox. However, I can help you reformulate the passage to align it better with English grammar rules and make it more original:

The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse project with a strong community focus, has initiated a lottery-based registration process for the sale of virtual real estate, commonly known as LAND, as part of their innovative Turkishverse initiative. Active not just globally but also with a significant presence in Turkey, The Sandbox is looking to enrich the metaverse experience for its users through this new project.

Note that this rewrite assumes that all the statements in your original passage are accurate as of the time they were made. Always remember to verify the specifics and current details when discussing real-world events or projects.

The Sandbox launches LAND sale for Turkishverse

The Sandbox on Stage with Turkishverse

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain and drawing inspiration from the gaming world, The Sandbox is expanding its decentralized, community-centric approach to the Turkish market through the launch of the Turkishverse initiative. This novel project is designed to showcase the rich cultural heritage, history, and prominent personalities of Turkey, providing a venue for immersive brand experiences, NFTs, and avatar customization.

In anticipation of the full-scale launch of Turkishverse, The Sandbox is conducting a special LAND sale event. This sale offers participants the exclusive chance to acquire virtual real estate located near celebrated Turkish celebrities, iconic television shows, and esteemed brands. Engaging in this early LAND sale affords participants not only social benefits but also the potential for financial gain by owning plots near these valuable virtual landmarks.

The lottery process for the Turkishverse LAND sale kicked off on August 23 at 6:00 PM. To be eligible for purchasing these special LAND parcels, interested parties must enter the lottery system. The entry criteria require participants to hold 1,011 SAND tokens for a standard LAND parcel and 4,683 SAND tokens for a premium plot, with a recommendation to maintain these amounts in their digital wallets to stay eligible.

Lottery winners will have the opportunity to complete their LAND purchases within the metaverse on August 31, beginning at 3:00 PM Turkish time. This event, marking The Sandbox’s first sale in Turkey, will feature a total of 433 LAND parcels available for acquisition, in partnership with 20 different entities. Those securing a premium LAND plot will also be gifted a unique NFT package, along with additional benefits offering:

  • Invitations to exclusive events and private gatherings
  • Complimentary hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia
  • Exclusive access to real-life (IRL) tools

Moreover, the Turkishverse will host an impressive lineup of brands, personalities, and locations. Among the notable participants in this uniquely Turkish metaverse project are Kral Şakir, Petrolig Games, 42 Maslak, Erdil Yaşaroğlu, Engin Altan Düzyatan, LC Waikiki, QReal, YTU Yıldız Teknopark, Cappadocia, and Bodrum.

The schedule for the Turkishverse event is as follows:

  • LAND Sale Lottery Registration: August 23, 18:00 – August 29, 06:00
  • LAND Sale Lottery Results Announcement: August 31, 14:00
  • LAND Sale: August 31, 15:00 – September 4, 15:00 (lasting four days)
  • LAND Sale Auction: August 31, 15:00 – September 4, 15:00
  • Second Chance LAND Auctions: September 4, 15:00 – September 6, 15:00

All times are in Turkish local time.

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