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Samsung’s Serious Approach to the Metaverse

The metaverse may not be as popular as it once was, yet many global technology giants believe that people will inevitably engage with this technology sooner or later. Consequently, they are eager to secure their positions in the metaverse race without delay.

In the realm of technology, there are pivotal moments that signify the end of one era and the beginning of another. Setting aside the technologies of ancient times and moving to the modern era, one of the most significant milestones is the invention of the computer.

This was followed by the development of mobile phones, which has led to a plethora of new technologies in this domain.

Samsung's Serious Approach to the Metaverse

From another perspective, when examining the evolution of technology, we encounter the discovery of the internet.

Unlike the progression seen with computers, phones, smartphones, and foldable phones, the development of the internet does not follow a similar incremental path. However, the metaverse has the potential to dramatically change this narrative.

The metaverse, increasingly gaining attention from technology companies and led by Facebook, is being heralded as the internet’s new future.

Despite current skepticism and perceptions of it as a fleeting trend, the seriousness of this field is expected to escalate with further investments. Samsung has recently announced its entry into this burgeoning arena, joining the ranks of investors in the metaverse.

Samsung's Serious Approach to the Metaverse

Following an internal meeting, Samsung’s CEO Jong-Hee Han announced that the company will develop new devices to enable customers to access the metaverse experience from any Samsung device they choose. Starting from 2024, the South Korean technology titan plans to significantly ramp up its investments in this area.

It remains to be seen how the Metaverse, viewed in our country as an opportunity to “acquire virtual land at an affordable price,” will evolve on a global scale.

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