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A new line of business emerging with artificial intelligence: Prompt engineering

Artificial intelligence, a burgeoning force in technology, is not only revolutionizing existing industries but also paving the way for novel professions.

One of the latest trends is the emergence of ‘prompt engineering.’ As AI technologies become more prevalent, companies are increasingly seeking individuals skilled in these new tools.

Roles such as prompt engineers and AI supervisors are becoming more common in job advertisements on various platforms. While AI might be perceived as a threat to certain jobs, it is simultaneously generating new employment opportunities, showcasing its dual impact on the job market.

Prompt engineering draws attention with its rise


Early predictions suggested that the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence might lead to substantial job losses, with industries like law and finance feeling the impact more acutely.

However, contrary to this grim outlook, AI also harbors positive implications for the job market. An increase in job listings for AI-related positions on various websites is already evident. LinkedIn’s chief economist, Karin Kimbrough, observed a significant uptick in AI-related discussions on the platform over the last year.

Kimbrough notes, “Both professionals and employers are embracing AI and generative AI technologies across various sectors at an impressive pace.

This adoption rate is particularly striking when compared to earlier technological advancements such as cryptocurrency and virtual reality. On LinkedIn, there has been a notable surge in terms like ‘ChatGPT,’ ‘rapid engineering,’ ‘fast crafting,’ and ‘generative AI’ in member profiles globally.”


LinkedIn reported a 60 percent rise in mentions of generative AI and related products between January and September of the current year.

Additionally, the platform’s data revealed that the number of individuals with the title ‘Head of AI’ has more than tripled in the last five years, with a 2022 percent increase since December 13. Meanwhile, the job search engine Adzuna has witnessed the emergence of various new job titles in line with the swift evolution of generative AI.

James Neave, Adzuna’s head of data science, remarked, “In 2024, prompt engineers are becoming crucial. This role, nonexistent before the advent of generative AI, is now highly sought-after as companies strive to leverage these emerging technologies. While the market for this role is currently limited, we anticipate substantial growth as more businesses seek to capitalize on the benefits of generative AI.”

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