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Nokia Believes Metaverse Will Replace Phones

About a quarter of a century ago, Nokia emerged as the pioneering company to introduce a mobile phone with an operating system. This innovation led the mobile world a decade before the disruptive entry of the iPhone in 2007, which radically transformed the smartphone market.

Now, with Nokia’s resurgence in the smartphone industry, top executives recognize the need for significant changes in the near future. Interestingly, their strategic focus is on the Metaverse, betting on its potential to reshape the technological landscape.

Nokia Predicts the Decline of the Smartphone

Nokia Believes Metaverse Will Replace Phones

Nokia has unveiled its vision for the Metaverse, a virtual world facilitated by VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) devices. The Finnish firm anticipates that phones may become redundant as a consequence, with a growing shift towards wearables for internet access.

Moreover, the company, a leader in mobile technology, foresees a surge in interest for these devices, as they promise a more immersive experience compared to traditional phone screens.

However, they also acknowledge that the widespread adoption of the Metaverse hinges on achieving compatibility across various factors between companies and consumers.

How Will Metaverse Be Powered by VR and AR Devices?

Nokia Believes Metaverse Will Replace Phones

To fully realize the Metaverse, we require advanced VR and AR-enabled devices that offer users an experience far more immersive and engaging than what traditional phone screens can provide. However, the cost of these devices is on the rise. A few months ago, Meta increased the base price of its headset to $400. More recently, they launched the Quest Pro VR, priced at $1,500.

These price points, while somewhat accessible, are still steep for the average consumer. This makes the devices less appealing and consequently more challenging to market. Beyond pricing, there are additional hurdles in the path to a fully functional Metaverse. Issues such as internet speed, battery life, and computing power also need to be addressed.

What Will Drive The Metaverse’s Adoption?

Nokia Believes Metaverse Will Replace Phones

Moreover, Nokia anticipates a rise in interest for such devices, as they are expected to offer a more realistic and engaging experience than current phone displays. However, the emergence of the Metaverse depends on several key factors aligning between companies and consumers. These factors include:

  • The development of 5G networks robust enough to support high-bandwidth applications.
  • The spread of affordable VR and AR devices.
  • The creation of compelling content that leverages the immersive capabilities of these new technologies.
  • A widespread understanding of the Metaverse and its potential among both companies and consumers.
  • The establishment of standards and protocols to ensure interoperability among various VR and AR devices.

Can Nokia Realize Its Vision?

Nokia’s vision for the Metaverse is indeed ambitious. If key factors align between companies and consumers, there’s a possibility we might witness a future where phones are no longer the primary means of accessing the internet.

In this envisioned future, VR and AR devices would be our gateways to an immersive virtual world, surpassing any experience we’ve had before. However, only time will reveal the realization of this vision.

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