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NFT Examples and Prices: Top Sales Revealed

Lately, NFT sales prices have become widely available across the internet, with information shared on social media and various websites.

Many individuals researching NFT examples and prices aim to capitalize on the potential for multimillion-dollar transactions. You, too, can find inspiration for your creations by exploring information about the most expensive NFTs.

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The Most Expensive NFTs and Their Artists!

The most expensive NFT sale took place recently. In addition, NFT and crypto artists manage to make high profits day by day. Unfortunately, not every artist can earn millions of dollars. Because the NFT value is determined in the triangle of artist, work and buyer. However, artists who have just started to produce NFT works can earn more slowly in the first place.

1.The Merge – $91.8 Million

NFT Examples and Prices: Top Sales Revealed
NFT Examples and Prices

The most expensive NFT sale to date was “The Merge” by the anonymous artist known as Pak, fetching $91.8 million. The true identity of the artist, referred to as Murat Pak or Pak, remains unknown, and it is speculated to be a group. “The Merge” was acquired by 26 thousand collectors.

Additionally, a separate reward is anticipated for the individual holding the most tokens. The artifact comprises bulk tokens programmed to merge with others in a collector’s wallet. It’s important to note that the sale took place on the Nift Gateway platform.

2.Clock – $52.7 Million

NFT Examples and Prices: Top Sales Revealed
NFT Examples and Prices

The artwork “Clock” by artist Pak holds the second position among the most expensive NFTs. This piece comprises a single NFT featuring a timer displaying the number of days that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has spent in prison.

The buyer of this work is the AssangeDAO community, dedicated to advocating for Assange’s freedom. Assange’s endeavors have symbolized anonymity and the freedom of information, impacting not only the United States but potentially the entire world.

3.Everydays The First 5000 Days – 69.3 Milyon Dolar

NFT Examples and Prices
NFT Examples and Prices

Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” marked one of the most expensive NFT sales, reaching $69.3 million. This particular piece became a pivotal moment for NFT sales, significantly boosting the popularity of NFTs and Beeple’s artworks.

“The First 5000 Days” is part of the Everydays series, consisting of a collage of five thousand pictures. Originally auctioned for $100, the artwork quickly garnered attention and was eventually sold for a record-breaking price. Notably, Beeple was not a widely recognized name in the art world before this groundbreaking sale.

4.One Human – $28.9 Million

NFT Examples and Prices
NFT Examples and Prices

Beeple’s creation “A Human” stands out among NFT samples, fetching a price of $28.9 million. This piece is a unique combination of digital and physical elements, functioning as a hybrid sculpture.

Integrating video and kinetics, “A Human” has played a significant role in establishing Beeple as a leading artist in the NFT realm. Notably, Beeple has designed the Human One artifact to receive constant updates and provide remote access, enhancing its interactive and dynamic nature.

5.CryptoPunk #5822 – $23 Million

The CryptoPunks series, known for its diverse avatars, has significantly contributed to the rise of NFT popularity. Notably, avatars from this series were initially almost free, with CryptoPunk #5822 emerging as the most expensive NFT within the collection

Remarkably, the initial buyer acquired it for a mere $1,641 and later sold it for an astounding $23 million. The cumulative sales value for avatars from the CryptoPunks series has surpassed $30 million, showcasing the remarkable appreciation in value over time.

6.Crossroads – $6.6 Million

Renowned artist Beeple holds significant influence in the NFT realm, with his work “Crossroads” standing out as a noteworthy piece. This creation encompasses dystopian political critique, featuring an image of Donald Trump on the ground alongside accompanying tweets.

As a video presentation, “Crossroads” serves as an entertaining commentary on U.S. political history. Beeple is known to have produced works representing both potential outcomes—Trump winning and losing. Following Trump’s loss, the piece was put up for sale and swiftly acquired by a buyer for $6.6 million.

7.All Time High in the City – 6.2 Million

The artwork titled “All Time High in the City,” created by the artist XCopy, could be translated into Turkish as ‘Şehirdeki Tüm Zamanların En Yüksek Düzeyi.

‘ XCopy is recognized for their dystopian and occasionally dark artistic expressions. This particular creation was sold for 1630 Ethereum in January 2022, with the initial sale price set at 1000 Ethereum. Presented in GIF and animation format, the work found a buyer on the SuperRare platform.

8.Right-click and Save As Guy – 6 Million

Once again, we encounter the creation of the digital artist XCopy. In Turkish, it can be translated as ‘Sağ tıkla ve farklı kaydet adamı,’ appealing to those who are skeptical about the NFT concept and poke fun at it. This work, known as the ‘Right-click and Save As Guy,’ ranks among the most expensive NFT pieces and was acquired by the artist Snoop Dog. Going by the digital moniker CozomoMedici, Snoop Dog had previously purchased another work by XCopy for $4 million.

9.Ocean Front – $6 Million

The artist Beeple, also known as Mike Winkelmann, has emerged as a favorite in the NFT world following the sale of his artwork for $69 million. Titled “Ocean Front,” the piece addresses the issue of climate change.

Depicting a tree growing amidst containers and garbage, the artwork is part of Beeple’s Everyday series. Moreover, the proceeds from the sale were donated to The Open Earth Foundation.

10.A Coin for the Ferryman – $6 Million

XCopy, renowned for its ironic and audacious approach among NFT artists, stands out as one of the highest-paid artists, with a total art value exceeding 45 million dollars. One of XCopy’s early creations, translated into Turkish as ‘Coins for Ferries,’ was initially sold for just 0.5 Ethereum and later fetched a sale price of 1330 Ethereum.

11.Ringers #109 – $7 Million

Ringers #109, the priciest NFT from the Art Blocks project, secured a sale for 2100 ETH. Another notable piece, Ringers #879, held its position among the most expensive NFTs for an extended period. Dmitri Cherniak’s signature adorns Ringers #109, and the artwork was transacted on the OpenSea platform, earning OpenSea 210 ETH from the sale.

12.Replicator – $4.1 Million

The Replicator, which marks Phillips’ debut in NFT history, was acquired by an undisclosed collector for $4.1 million. It’s worth noting that the initial piece of this seven-part series fetched $4.1 million. According to the artist, this artwork symbolizes the transformation of a machine over time.

13.Machine Hallucinations– Space : Metaverse

Turkish designer and artist Refik Anadol’s artwork, “Machine Hallucinations– Space: Metaverse,” was successfully sold for $2.4 million. Anadol, an influential figure in the NFT art realm, gained recognition through his “Machine Hallucinations” exhibition.

The piece, Space: Metaverse, found a buyer who wishes to remain anonymous. Furthermore, another artwork from the same series, “Nature Dreams: AI Data Sculpture 2021 1/1,” was purchased for $1.2 million. The sale of Machine Hallucinations, listed among the most expensive NFTs, took place on the Nift Gateway platform.

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