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Metaverse will come sooner or later

At the IFA 2023 technology fair held in Berlin, Angie Gifford, Meta’s Vice President for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, discussed the future of the company’s metaverse project. During her presentation, Gifford emphasized that the metaverse is an evolution of the internet, transforming it from a 2D space to a 3D environment.

Gifford highlighted that the metaverse is not simply a single piece of technology but represents a new version of the internet. She described the internet’s transition to a three-dimensional space as a move toward making it more inclusive. According to her, Meta’s metaverse project is expected to come to fruition in 8 to 10 years, affirming that the concept of the metaverse will eventually become a reality.

The session, titled “Virtual Borders: What are the implications of the metaverse for consumers, artists, and companies?” offered a platform for discussions about the far-reaching implications of this next-generation digital landscape.

“We will see the metaverse in the next 8-10 years”


Responding to questions about whether the metaverse is an overhyped concept, Angie Gifford drew on her extensive experience in the tech industry to provide context. She said, “The idea of the metaverse may have experienced a wave of excitement two years ago, and it might not be as buzzworthy today. However, from my years in the tech industry, I can say that technological revolutions don’t happen overnight.”

She also reflected on her time at Microsoft, recalling Bill Gates’ ambitious vision in the ’90s that there would be a personal computer on every desk. “Many thought the idea was far-fetched at the time,” she said. “Yet here we are today, with almost everyone carrying at least one, if not two, smartphones in their pockets. So, technology evolves at its own pace, and we expect to see the metaverse becoming a reality within the next 8 to 10 years.”

“Metaverse has lost its spot on the agenda”


After Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg rebranded the company formerly known as Facebook, the metaverse quickly became a hot topic on the global stage.

The concept gained considerable traction, leading to the sale of virtual lands on various metaverse platforms, attracting a significant amount of investment. However, despite this initial surge of interest, the metaverse has since experienced a decline in its global popularity.

More than 180,000 people are expected to visit


The IFA 2023 technology fair, taking place in Berlin, Germany, is putting a spotlight on sustainability this year. Open until September 5th, the event is expected to attract more than 180,000 visitors. Over 2,000 companies from 48 different countries are set to showcase their latest tech innovations. Highlights of the fair include the Sustainability Village, Robots House, Gaming and Esports Arena, and IFA Next, which serves as a platform for various tech startups.

The Leaders’ Summit, another feature of the fair, will focus on the production of chips and artificial intelligence. These topics are integral to a range of technologies, from health-related wearable electronics to in-car electronic systems. The summit aims to illuminate the transformative power of technology, particularly its role in facilitating wider acceptance of the energy transition and the concept of a circular economy.

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