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Metaverse: The Future Unveiled at IFA 2023

At the IFA 2023 technology fair in Berlin, Angie Gifford, Meta’s Vice President for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, spoke about the future of the company’s metaverse project. In her presentation, Gifford underscored that the metaverse is an evolution of the internet, transitioning it from a two-dimensional space to a three-dimensional environment.

Gifford pointed out that the metaverse is not merely a single piece of technology but a new version of the internet. She described the shift to a three-dimensional space as a step towards making it more inclusive. Gifford noted that Meta’s metaverse project is anticipated to materialize in the next 8 to 10 years, reinforcing the idea that the metaverse concept will eventually become a tangible reality.

The session, “Virtual Borders: The Implications of the Metaverse for Consumers, Artists, and Companies,” provided a forum for discussions on the wide-ranging impacts of this next-generation digital landscape.

“We will see the metaverse in the next 8-10 years”

Addressing inquiries about the metaverse potentially being an overhyped concept, Angie Gifford leveraged her extensive background in the tech industry to offer perspective. She remarked, “The metaverse might have sparked a surge of enthusiasm two years ago, and today, it may not capture as much attention. However, based on my experience in the tech sector, I understand that technological revolutions unfold gradually.”

Reflecting on her tenure at Microsoft, she recalled Bill Gates’ ambitious prediction in the ’90s that a personal computer would be present on every desk. “At the time, many considered the idea overly optimistic,” she noted. “Yet, here we are, with almost everyone having at least one, if not two, smartphones. Therefore, technology advances at its own rhythm, and we anticipate the metaverse to become a part of our reality within the forthcoming 8 to 10 years.”

“Metaverse has lost its spot on the agenda”

Following Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to rebrand the company previously known as Facebook, the metaverse emerged as a prominent topic worldwide.

This concept gained significant momentum, resulting in the sale of virtual lands across various metaverse platforms and attracting considerable investment. Despite this initial burst of enthusiasm, the metaverse has observed a decrease in its global popularity since then.

More than 180,000 people are expected to visit

The IFA 2023 technology fair, hosted in Berlin, Germany, is emphasizing sustainability this year. Running until September 5th, the event is anticipated to draw over 180,000 attendees. More than 2,000 companies from 48 different countries are poised to present their latest technological innovations. Key features of the fair include the Sustainability Village, Robots House, Gaming and Esports Arena, and IFA Next, which acts as a hub for various tech startups.

Additionally, the Leaders’ Summit, a pivotal aspect of the fair, will delve into chip production and artificial intelligence. These subjects are crucial for a wide array of technologies, ranging from health-related wearable devices to electronic systems in vehicles. The summit is set to highlight the transformative impact of technology, especially its potential to promote broader acceptance of the energy transition and the principles of a circular economy.

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