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Metaverse: The Future of Entertainment for Young Players

Research by Bain & Company has uncovered that young gamers are increasingly investing their time and money in the Metaverse, positioning themselves at the forefront of the future of entertainment.

The Metaverse, which garnered global attention in 2021, is often touted as the technology of tomorrow. In this virtual realm created on Metaverse platforms, users have the capability to engage in a range of activities, from purchasing land to playing games.

This versatility is cementing the Metaverse’s status as a burgeoning reality. Young players, in particular, are showing significant interest in this virtual universe, which is widely believed to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years.

The Most Interested in Metaverse is from the 13-17 Age Group

In the US, Brazil, China, and Japan, young gamers aged 13-17 are found to spend more time and money on Metaverse platform games compared to older gamers.

For these young gamers, video games and entertainment categories rank higher than social media. They find the Metaverse appealing as it offers them enhanced opportunities to socialize with their friends in a virtual space, as opposed to interacting with physical individuals in the real world.

The primary attractions to the Metaverse are its immersive and social gaming experiences, which not only allow anyone to be a game developer but also emphasize in-game purchases. Historically, spending money on MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) was a trend, and this trend continues in the Metaverse. A significant 56 percent of young gamers show a preference for unlocking features that enhance their gaming performance.

Young gamers today are more open to spending money in games compared to previous generations. They derive enjoyment from competing with friends, family, or strangers in video games, as opposed to adults who might prefer solitary, leisurely gaming. This reflects a shift in gaming culture, where social and competitive aspects are increasingly valued.

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