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MANA vs. SAND Which Is Better?

Which metaverse altcoin is better? Comparison of SAND and MANA Token.Cryptocurrency investors’ hopes for 2023 are rising and enthusiasm is growing again in the metaverse space. Facebook has rebranded to keep up with the Web3 transformation of the internet, and many companies have stepped up their metaverse-focused work. So, if investors who want to create a metaverse altcoin basket in 2023 have to choose between MANA and SAND, which one can they buy?


Investor enthusiasm for Metaverse ‘s potential in 2022 has helped Decentraland gain a lot of attention. However, interest has waned as little progress has been made in this area, and the bear market may have made things worse. However, according to these most recent metrics, interest in MANA in particular is growing. Now the question is: how much growth has MANA grown recently and how much profit are investors making from this growth? Decentraland’s price has been rising steadily due to the recent rally. As a result of his previous indifference, he had remained inactive until recently.


However, the price of the asset has been supported positively by the recent increase in “whale” purchases. Santiment data showed that as of January 13, MANA experienced a daily increase in transactions above $100,000. When we examine the chart, we see that the average is well above 50. At the time of this writing, the number of whale transactions was already around eight. Decentraland is a virtual reality platform. Users can create, enjoy and monetize content and applications in this decentralized, open world environment. Games, social networks and other applications created by users are all possible on the platform. Decentraland’s in-game currency is called MANA and is used to buy things like land and services. Moreover, annual token inflation is around 3% and the possibility of price drop due to supply shock is also weak for MANA. The largest metaverse altcoin by market capitalization is generallyIt became the MANA Token .


The situation is slightly different for SAND. They differ greatly from the MANA Token, especially at the point of token inflation. This year SAND Token inflation is around 20%, and double-digit growth in circulating supply could reduce the value per SAND token even as market cap rises.

Recent data shows that the increased activity of MANA whales is creating the expected positive impact on the currency’s volume. There has been a recent increase in the number of MANA transactions, as measured by volume metrics. In addition, MANA’s 30-day Market Value/Actual Value (MVRV) ratio showed that investors profitably maintained their positions during this time. MANA is outpacing the SAND Token in popularity, at least in the short term, and the price outlook is more positive for now. However, in the long run, we can say that the two metaverse altcoins are the best in their field.

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At the end of 2021, the subject of the metaverse was only the cheap way of advertising for big brands. But now companies that really want to find solutions in this field are coming up with innovative ideas. We are in the early stages of Web3 transformation and in the next 10 years we will see the birth of Web3’s own giant brands such as Facebook and Twitter. And of course these brands will reach valuations of tens of billions of dollars.

Cryptocurrency markets are not just speculative price movements. In fact, cryptocurrencies also undertake the technical burden of Web3 transformation in a “decentralized” way. Cryptocurrency developers have created thousands of open source projects. Every day, we see that blockchain-based crypto products are doing new things. So innovation is here, and cryptocurrencies aren’t just about price. Therefore, it is unreasonable to completely discard the projects preferred by institutions such as SAND and MANA, which have a strong community like APE Coin. Apart from that, NFT -based metaverse plots are also likely to increase in popularity in the coming years. We have covered all these issues in detail in our article on how to invest in Metaverse .

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