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LC Waikiki Opens Metaverse Store

LC Waikiki, one of Turkey’s largest clothing retailers operating in 56 countries, has launched its “MetaStore” in the metaverse universe.

As a leading player in both the Turkish and global apparel market, with a volume running into hundreds of billions of dollars, LC Waikiki introduced its MetaStore in the metaverse.

The brand announced this development on Instagram with the slogan, “The future of fashion is in the Metaverse, firsts are with LC Waikiki!” MetaStore is set to continue making a splash and exciting customers.

Previously, established companies like Adidas and Nike had opened stores in the metaverse, adapting to the modern era by expanding their services. Unlike other virtual reality experiences offered by clothing stores, MetaStore aims to provide its users with a more “gamified” experience.

LC Waikiki Opens Metaverse Store
LC Waikiki Opens Metaverse Store!

Today, the expansive company, operating in 56 countries with over 1200 stores, has timely embarked on its first venture into the digital age. Although LC Waikiki’s foray into the Metaverse universe has garnered considerable interest, currently, the experience is available to only a select group of users.

The LC Waikiki MetaStore, showcasing three-dimensional models of over 120 products, is expected to open to a broader audience following the completion of its beta version in the near future.

The technical infrastructure of the LC Waikiki MetaStore is developed using Unreal Engine, and the project is entirely financed and executed using LC Waikiki’s internal resources, as announced by the company.

Şerafettin Özer, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of LC Waikiki, commented on the platform:

“We carefully examined every aspect. We reviewed various platforms and scrutinized elements like avatars and the sense of touch. As a result, we have created a game-like platform where we can offer a shopping experience and build a space with diverse occasions.”

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