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Jason Brink: Gala Games Targets Top 25 Spot

Market expert Jason Brink contends that Gala’s unique advantage stems from its capacity to present the Web3 community with authentic games.

Additionally, Gala’s Head of Blockchain observes the Metaverse coin project’s expansion into other entertainment domains.

This Metaverse coin could join the top 25 list!

Gala Games Blockchain President Jason Brink offered insights during an interview yesterday. He articulated what sets Gala apart from its competitors. According to Brink, Gala’s “secret weapon” is the team’s proficiency in delivering real games to the Web3 community.

He believes one of the biggest misconceptions is viewing GALA solely as a Metaverse coin. Although GALA originated during the boom of virtual reality and Metaverse projects, it represents much more.

The project’s primary goal is to provide users with real games that supply immersive and compelling experiences. Brink mentions another distinguishing feature of Gala is its dedication to user experience.

The team acknowledges that user-friendly interfaces and enjoyable gameplay are crucial for widespread adoption. By emphasizing user experience, Gala aims to be among the top 25 projects in terms of utility and creative production.

Apart from its focus on games, Brink notes that Gala has also made significant strides in other entertainment sectors, including film and music, with several feature film projects underway and exciting developments in the Gala music ecosystem.

What’s next for GALA?


As covered on, GALA demonstrated a noteworthy 6.98% increase during the day, raising the altcoin’s price to $0.0252. Furthermore, the coin has surpassed market leaders Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the last 24 hours, gaining 5.56% against BTC and 5.66% against ETH. Analyst Steven Walgenbach offers a technical view of GALA. In terms of technical analysis, the altcoin’s price managed to ascend above the 9-day and 20-day EMA lines within the past 12 hours, and it continues to trade above these technical indicators. It’s feasible that GALA could target the $0.02685 resistance level in the next 24-48 hours, contingent on a daily close above $0.02483 today.

On the contrary, a daily close below $0.02685 today could expose the altcoin to the risk of retesting a critical support level in the subsequent days. Under these circumstances, GALA’s price could potentially drop to as low as $0.02305 within the next 48 hours.

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