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Gala Games Targets Top 25 Spot with Jason Brink’s Expertise

Market expert Jason Brink argues that Gala’s distinct advantage comes from its ability to offer the Web3 community genuine games.

Furthermore, Gala’s Head of Blockchain notes the expansion of the Metaverse coin project into various entertainment sectors.

This Metaverse coin could join the top 25 list!

Gala Games Targets Top 25 Spot with Jason Brink's Expertise

During an interview yesterday, Jason Brink, the President of Gala Games Blockchain, shared insights into what differentiates Gala from its competitors. Brink highlighted Gala’s “secret weapon”: the team’s expertise in delivering authentic games to the Web3 community.

He pointed out a common misconception about GALA, which is often viewed merely as a Metaverse coin. Despite GALA’s emergence during the virtual reality and Metaverse project surge, its scope extends far beyond. The project’s main objective is to offer users genuine games that provide immersive and engaging experiences.

Furthermore, Brink emphasized Gala’s commitment to user experience, noting the importance of user-friendly interfaces and enjoyable gameplay for achieving mass adoption. With a focus on user experience, Gala aims to position itself among the top 25 projects in terms of utility and creativity.

Beyond gaming, Brink mentioned that Gala has ventured into other areas of entertainment, including film and music. The company is progressing with several feature film projects and making exciting advances within the Gala music ecosystem.

What’s next for GALA?

Gala Games Targets Top 25 Spot with Jason Brink's Expertise

As reported by, GALA experienced a significant 6.98% increase throughout the day, elevating the altcoin’s price to $0.0252. Moreover, the coin outperformed market giants Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in the last 24 hours, registering gains of 5.56% against BTC and 5.66% against ETH. Analyst Steven Walgenbach provides a technical perspective on GALA.

From a technical analysis standpoint, the altcoin’s price has risen above the 9-day and 20-day Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) in the past 12 hours and continues to trade above these indicators. It appears that GALA could aim for the $0.02685 resistance level in the upcoming 24-48 hours, assuming it closes above $0.02483 today.

Conversely, if it closes below $0.02685 today, the altcoin could face the possibility of retesting a significant support level in the following days. In such a scenario, GALA’s price might drop to as low as $0.02305 within the next 48 hours.

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