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How to use the new Copilot AI in Windows 11?

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, is gaining traction among users. Notably more AI-centric than Windows 10, it boasts a new feature named “Copilot AI”. But how does one utilize this “Copilot AI” in Windows 11?

In the recent Windows 11 update, Microsoft introduced “Copilot AI”. This tool is designed to enhance users’ experience and help them navigate the Windows operating system more effectively.


1.Start Copilot:

How to use the new Copilot AI in Windows 11?

Before diving into Copilot, ensure you have the most recent version of Windows 11 installed. Copilot was rolled out in the September 2023 Windows update. To check for this update, open the Settings, navigate to “Windows Update”, and install any available updates.

To activate Copilot, either click the Copilot icon on the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut Win + C. If you prefer to keep your taskbar uncluttered, you can hide the Copilot icon by going to Settings, selecting Personalization > Taskbar, and toggling off the Copilot option

2.Control Windows with Copilot:


While Copilot is integrated into the Windows operating system, its current preview version doesn’t deliver the depth of integration many anticipate. However, it can execute a few actions, such as:

  • Typing “turn on dark mode” prompts the system to switch to Windows dark mode.
  • Typing “Open Windows Settings” initiates the primary Settings panel.
  • Typing “Launch File Explorer” allows for file browsing.

For these actions, an additional confirmation is required. Copilot will always prompt you to confirm your command before executing the requested task.

It’s worth noting that some of Copilot’s current integrations might not seem particularly handy. Remember, Copilot remains a work in progress, and there are tasks it hasn’t mastered yet.

3.Start a Chat with Copilot:


To initiate a fresh conversation with Copilot, click on the three dots located at the panel’s top and then choose “Refresh.” This action will prompt suggestions for discussion topics. For instance, you could request it to generate C code or brainstorm gift suggestions.

Upon starting a chat, you’re given options like “More Creative,” “More Balanced,” and “More Precise” to tailor Copilot’s feedback to your preference.

Moreover, Copilot offers functionalities for visual content. By selecting or providing a link to an image from a webpage, you can prompt Copilot to recognize the image’s contents or search for similar images.

4.Configure Copilot Settings:


Within Copilot, there’s a Settings option, accessible via the three dots at the panel’s top. The Settings give you the discretion to permit Copilot’s integration with the Edge browser, empowering Copilot to scrutinize web pages for more detailed information.

In summary, Copilot AI provides Windows 11 users with a tool designed to enhance their interaction with the OS. Nonetheless, given its developmental phase, it does exhibit some constraints and might not consistently succeed in executing certain tasks. Thus, users should exercise caution while using Copilot and remain patient to achieve the desired outcomes.


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