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Features of iOS 18 revealed: Siri will be a real artificial intelligence

Tech behemoth Apple has revealed plans for an upcoming event dubbed ‘Wonderlust,’ slated for September 12, typically the time of year when the company unveils new products. The much-anticipated iPhone 15 series is expected to be showcased during this event. Apple also intends to roll out the most recent updates for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10, all of which were initially launched in June 2023. Following these updates, focus will shift toward the development of iOS 18.

However, intriguingly, the latest information indicates that work on iOS 18 has already commenced. According to these reports, one of the key upgrades in the new operating system will be a significantly smarter Siri, endowed with enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities.



Leaked details suggest that Apple plans to significantly enhance the functionality of its voice assistant, Siri, using advanced artificial intelligence in the upcoming iOS 18.

Although Siri is presently adept at handling rudimentary tasks, it’s set to become far more intelligent with the new operating system. The report indicates that Siri will gain the ability to comprehend and execute intricate commands involving multiple steps. This advancement is expected to simplify the user experience, allowing for more complex tasks to be carried out through voice commands.


In the upcoming iOS 18, Siri is set to become a more automated and intelligent assistant, capable of performing multi-step tasks based on user input. For instance, users could simply instruct Siri to create a GIF from several pictures and send it to a friend, eliminating the need for manual operations.

Apple is also planning to incorporate generative AI language models into iOS 18, aiming to make Siri not just smarter but also more user-friendly. While this enhanced version of Siri is expected to debut with the iPhone 16 series, it will be accessible on all devices that are compatible with iOS 18.

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