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Artificial intelligence is on the way to becoming a doctor

Chat GPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot, has made a name for itself this time with its medical knowledge. In the study conducted in the USA, it was determined that ChatGPT reached a 72 percent success rate in diagnosing the disease and deciding on the right treatment.

Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT may be the greatest assistant of doctors in the future. This statement belongs to the experts of Mass General Brigham, a US-based health research organization.

Uploading detailed health data of 36 patients to ChatGPT, researchers asked artificial intelligence to recommend diagnosis and treatment.

Comparing the decisions of Chat GPT with real cases, experts announced that artificial intelligence achieved an average of 72 percent success.

It was stated that artificial intelligence reached 77 percent accuracy, especially in the “final diagnosis

But artificial intelligence struggles to distinguish between similar diseases. ChatGPT’s success in making “differential diagnosis” drops to 60 percent.


It was seen that the success of artificial intelligence in choosing the right treatment was 68 percent.

Scientists say that artificial intelligence can also make the right decisions in emergency cases.

Stating that the success of Chat GPT is “close to a trainee doctor who has just graduated from medical school,” the researchers emphasize that artificial intelligence does not have the expertise and decision ability of human doctors.

The results of the study were published in the Internet Journal of Medical Research.

Pointing out the advantages of artificial intelligence in summarizing patient history and small details,
scientists point out that chatbots such as Chat GPT can help doctors in diagnosis.

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