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Alibaba’s Giant Metaverse Move: Pioneering the Industry

Alibaba, a global business giant, is garnering significant attention with its latest initiative.

As reported by the Chinese media outlet DSB, Taobao, an e-commerce platform owned by Alibaba, is in the final stages of testing its inaugural metaverse live streaming platform.

Pending successful testing, this project is anticipated to launch online during the upcoming New Year’s shopping season.

Alibaba to Build TaoLive City

Alibaba's Giant Metaverse Move: Pioneering the Industry

Since the start of the year, Taobao has been actively launching metaverse-related products. Last month, during the Double 11 Shopping Festival, Taobao collaborated with Diantao, another live streaming e-commerce app under Alibaba, to introduce TaoLive City.

TaoLive City, a joint creation by Alibaba’s live streaming e-commerce applications, is a distinctive virtual environment. This cyberpunk-styled virtual world features commercial streets and advertising screens. Users can immerse themselves in this innovative metaverse environment using virtual avatars. Once inside, they can shop, participate in contests, and interact with other users.

The platform presents eight different scenarios, including a striking Ferris wheel and bustling commercial streets. It hosts numerous live broadcast rooms, each offering unique experiences. Notable Taobao publishers and brands such as Tissot are already participating on the platform.

Additionally, this year’s Double 11 Shopping Festival showcased Alifish, an online platform for copyright trading services, which was promoted within TaoLive City and by Alibaba.

Baidu AI Cloud Introduces Its Own Product

Alibaba's Giant Metaverse Move: Pioneering the Industry

Alongside marketing Alibaba’s products, Baidu AI Cloud is also venturing into promoting its own range in various sectors including apparel, home, and digital industries.

A similar approach is being adopted by NetEase’s Metaverse Department. There is an anticipation for the launch of NetEase Yaotai, a metaverse application akin to Baidu’s XiRang, expected to be unveiled soon.

These companies are not only developing their products but also actively promoting their related businesses.

However, other prominent Chinese companies like Tencent,, Meituan, Pinduoduo, and Kuaishou have not yet ventured into product development in this field.

Additionally, ByteDance’s Douyin company is channeling all its efforts into the success of PICO VR company’s headsets.

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