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AI-Powered Video Production Tools

Since its inception, artificial intelligence (AI) has found applications in nearly every domain imaginable. In this discussion, we will delve into the use of artificial intelligence for video creation, which simplifies the process for various purposes.

In today’s visually driven market, producing video content has become essential for businesses and content creators aiming to stay competitive. Studies have shown that video traffic now constitutes over 80% of all online traffic.

An increasing number of users are opting for video over other online content creation methods, such as images and text. Traditional video production methods have become prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. This is where artificial intelligence steps in to offer a solution.

Video creation with AI is highlighted for its ease and accessibility. Utilizing AI-powered video creation tools, videos can be instantly generated from text, images, or existing video clips, enabling anyone to produce their own videos.

AI-Powered Video Production Tools

  • Pictory
  • Synthesys
  • Synthesia
  • Deepbrain
  • InVideo
  • HeyGen
  • Fliki
  • Colossyan
  • FlexClip
  • Wave Video


AI-Powered Video Production Tools | Create Professional Videos Easily

Pictory streamlines the process of producing and editing high-quality videos, making it an ideal tool for content creators and marketers lacking video creation skills. It simplifies video production, eliminating the need for prior experience in video editing or design.

To start creating videos with Pictory, you simply need to supply an article, which serves as the basis for your video content. For instance, Pictory can transform a blog post into an eye-catching video for social media and automatically add subtitles to the video.

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Additionally, Pictory has the capability to generate videos from webinars or Zoom recordings, offering another layer of versatility.


AI-Powered Video Production Tools | Create Professional Videos Easily

Beyond being an AI video creation tool, Synthesys stands at the forefront of algorithm development for videos. It has the capability to swiftly produce video content, including explainer videos and product tutorials, in mere minutes.

A distinctive feature of Synthesys is its artificial intelligence video technology that facilitates accurate lip-syncing. To utilize this feature, users simply select one of Synthesys’ avatars and input a script in any of the available 140+ languages. With these simple steps, Synthesys quickly generates high-quality video content. Additionally, Synthesys provides access to 254 sound styles and delivers videos in high resolution.


AI-Powered Video Production Tools | Create Professional Videos Easily

Synthesia, favored by leading names such as Google, Nike, and the BBC for its artificial intelligence video generation capabilities, is next on the list. Synthesia distinguishes itself with the ability to create video content using more than seventy avatars.

Beyond the pre-existing avatars, users also have the option to create their own custom avatar. The platform provides access to over 60 languages and offers a variety of templates, a screen recorder, a media library, and much more. The easily editable voice-over and subtitle feature, which can be adjusted with just a single gesture, is another notable aspect of Synthesia.


The Deepbrain AI generator also capitalizes on the time-saving benefits of AI technology. It is renowned for its ability to quickly process scripts and create videos from simple text inputs. To begin with Deepbrain:

  • Initiate a new project by selecting from the available templates or opt for a custom template,
  • Input the script either manually or by copying and pasting,
  • Choose the suitable language and AI model.

Once these steps are completed, the video synthesized by the Deepbrain AI generator is prepared for distribution.


Creating video content with InVideo is exceptionally user-friendly, as it requires no prior experience or background in video production. This feature makes InVideo an accessible artificial intelligence application for anyone to use with ease.

Similar to other AI generators, InVideo can produce high-quality videos quickly from introductory text. Users can edit the text and then choose from a selection of professionally designed, animated templates. Once the video is finalized, it can be directly shared on social media platforms. InVideo is notably popular among small businesses due to its free usage option.


HeyGen offers users the capability to transform text into professional videos within minutes, catering to business videos and PowerPoint presentations.

It boasts a broad selection of over 40 voice options across more than 300 languages. Users also have the flexibility to record their voice using a personalized avatar. Additionally, HeyGen provides 1 minute of free usage daily. utilizes AI to offer automated transcription services. With the auto-convert to text feature, users can instantly download their scripts.

It enables the creation of videos using customizable text, colors, and fonts. Its web-based platform means there’s no need for software downloads, making it accessible for individuals without video editing experience. provides a free usage option for videos shorter than 10 minutes.


Fliki makes video creation straightforward with its script-based editor, offering realistic voice acting. It boasts over 75 realistic Text-to-Speech voices available in more than 20 languages.

Fliki’s distinctive feature is its integration of text-to-speech and text-to-video AI functionalities in a single platform. This allows for the production of a diverse range of videos, including instructional videos, explainer product demos, social media ads, and more.


Colossyan distinguishes itself in the field of AI video creators with its avatars capable of reading in multiple accents and languages.

Additionally, users have the option to change the avatars’ attire. Colossyan enables the creation of automatic translations and subtitles and allows users to augment their messages with screen recording features. provides its users with the capability to produce a broad spectrum of video content utilizing artificial intelligence. With, creating a professional video from an article or blog post is achievable in just three steps.

The initial step involves copying and pasting the URL or HTML link of a blog post. Following this, users can create and download their video. is particularly beneficial for those interested in adding voiceovers or creating educational videos. The platform offers more than 60 language options and over 25 avatar features.


FlexClip, an AI video maker, offers a wide array of features including hundreds of video templates, subtitle capabilities, a background remover, and a text-to-speech engine.

Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use for all. FlexClip stands out for its effectiveness in producing videos tailored for internal communications and product demonstrations.

12.Wave Video

Wave Video is among the highly favored platforms in the realm of AI video creators, renowned for its comprehensive toolkit that encompasses images and videos, text overlay effects, audio, and subtitles. The platform supports video formats tailored for use on Facebook, Instagram, and web-based applications.

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