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AI-powered video production tools

Creating professional videos from text quickly is no longer a dream, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video production tools.

These tools, which are growing in number, help you generate high-quality videos using any text. With a virtual human server and just a few clicks, an AI video maker can transform your text into engaging video content.

How Do AI-Based Video Production Tools Work?


AI video makers employ AI to craft videos using data from multiple sources such as text, images, and audio files. Human intervention is minimal in this process. Simply choose a platform like Synthesia, input your text, select an avatar, and create your AI video. No video editing skills are required, and you don’t even have to appear in your videos, thanks to the variety of avatars provided.

Benefits of AI-Powered Video Production Tools


AI-powered video production tools come with numerous advantages, simplifying the video creation process:

Speed and Efficiency: AI accelerates automated content creation and video conversion, enabling users to generate more videos in less time, hence enhancing work efficiency.

Cost-Effectiveness: Traditional video production can be expensive, with costs for professional cameras, editing software, and actors. AI tools can significantly cut these costs as they often eliminate the need for human involvement or physical equipment.

Ease of Use: These tools do not require complex technical knowledge of video production. They work with text or content input, making the video-making process more user-friendly.

Avatar Options: AI-powered video production tools allow users to personalize their video presentations. Users can create their own avatars or select an appropriate one from the wide variety offered by the tools.

Multi-Language Support: Many of these tools can create videos in different languages and automatically translate texts, an essential benefit for brands and creators targeting a global audience.

Automatic Subtitles and Summaries: Some tools allow adding subtitles and summaries to videos automatically, increasing content accessibility and giving viewers a quick understanding of the video content.

Popular AI-Based Video Production Tools


Let’s now explore some popular AI-based tools that are revolutionizing video production.

Pictory: Ideal for creators and marketers with no video creation experience, Pictory can convert a blog post or any script into a video for your social media or website. The platform also allows for editing videos using text and can automatically add captions and summaries to your videos.

Synthesia: Synthesia is a platform that can generate videos in over 120 languages, with different accents and voice tones. The tool can convert text to audio, enabling users to translate their texts into professional voiceovers.

HeyGen: HeyGen offers a variety of tools for users to create videos in minutes, with more than 300 voices in over 40 languages. It also provides a face swap feature for avatar customization.

Deepbrain AI: With Deepbrain AI, users can create videos in less than 5 minutes by uploading their script and using the text-to-speech conversion feature. The platform allows users to choose custom avatars suitable for their brand.

Synthesys: A popular choice for brands to create commercial videos, Synthesys uses its text-to-video technology to transform scripts into engaging videos. The platform allows content creation in over 140 languages.

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